Not a great month for iHeart Columbus (June PPM)

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    Only one of iHeart’s seven stations managed to eke out an increase in June, namely Urban 106.7 The Beat, going 3.6 – 4 (6+ AQH). The other six all dropped, although in some cases the drop was minimal, or just took the station back to about where it had been a few months ago (e.g., WNCI, going 7.2 – 8.6 – 7.4).

    Notably, WTVN’s .3 drop to 4.7, coupled with non-com WOSU’s .2 increase to 4.8, put the NPR station (barely) atop iHeart’s Talker for what may be the first time ever.

    Unlike iHeart, all of Saga’s four stations were up. Saga’s Class A’s both had healthy jumps, with Rewind going 2.5 – 3.0 and Mix going 2.6 – 3.0. We’ll see if those increases stick.


    Interesting to see.  Kudos to SAGA they show that someone programming locally can do well in a market such as Columbus, OH – they may not have a stable of strong signals (Rewind, Mix..) but they still earn respectable numbers for their limitations.

    Miss the days when we saw everyone reporting. I would be interested to see how Salem’s stations are doing and others that don’t show up.


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