Oct 2019 PPM's

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    Look at WBNS-FM – Don’t believe I have ever seen them that high – People love their Buckeyes.

    WCOL still kicking tail at #1 – longest I have seen them hold the #1 slot – WNCI sure has lost it’s staying power despite it’s monster signal.

    WYTS-AM doing very well for a flea powered translator at 105.3 – shows if you have a format people want they will listen even on a less than ideal signal.

    Interesting to see two iHeart HD-2’s show up – shows more folks must be tuning into HD Radio in Columbus (or just a lucky few that have PPM Meters)



    610 up too.  Buckeye bounce?


    610 up too. Buckeye bounce?

    Possible – plus it’s also election season which generally talk radio gets a slight boost from.


    I notice 93.3 the Bus WODC has been on a real downtrend, going 5.6 -> 4.7 -> 4.2 -> 3.8.   While it may not be the only factor, their music has been about as boring and predictable as Adult Hits gets.  Maybe that’s why they seem to have finally started freshening the mix and adding a little more variety, though it still pales compared to Jack-FM.  The other iHeart stations (I know of) that use pretty much the same playlist  don’t seem to be down as much as the Bus, though.

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