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    It has been one year since Entercom merged with CBS Radio.  How did each of the three new reconfigured Boston clusters perform since the merger?  For Entercom, their best performer is WMJX which they swapped for WBZ-FM that picked up impressive numbers for Beasley.  And for iHeart, they essentially doubled their presence in the market with the addition of WBZ-AM, WZLX, WKAF and WRKO.  Looking back however, one wonders why Entercom did not keep some of the better performers such as WZLX and spin off either WBMX (now WWBX) or WODS in addition to why they decided to retain WAAF which is not a full market signal.  So following one year of the three new clusters new since the merger, which one ended up in the best position overall?  Is the market pretty even spread now between the three now?



    I think Entercom retained what they could while staying under justice dept. limits for their percentage of revenue in the market.  It also seems they had some loyalty to their existing cluster which they retained most of.  CBS was the highest biller in the market – it may have made sense for Entercom to keep the entire CBS cluster and spin their own off rather than hand iHeart the revenue crown.  It could be they would not be able to work out deals to get what they thought their stations were worth, loyalty as mentioned above or who knows.

    I think it would be interesting if iHeart decided to try to muscle in on the sports market even if it was just trying to grab the Patriots or Red Sox rights.  Maybe there is not enough upside for them to bother.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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