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    how much longer before he is let go.  He is the last survivor with a specialty show that doesn’t fit the direction that OGL may be going in, like most classic hits stations, freshen it up, I thought disco was dead years ago…



    The source of many, many Philadelphia favorites: Benjamins


    His show has a big following.

    Lets just say that he pays WOGL for the privilege of being on the air, instead of the other way around. Kind of like buying one big infomercial. He even buys time on 96.1 and 93.1 down the shore because his audience goes to the shore weekends in the summer, just out of reach of 98.1’s signal

    In return, the Saturday night dance party is one big infomercial advertising Bob’s entertainment business. WOGL also benefits because his show has people tune in specifically for it rather than tune out for an infomercial. The music on his show used to be the regular music that 98.1 usually played.

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