Poughkeepsie's WALL Translator Silent For Over Two Weeks

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    Charles Williamson powerful (250 watts) Poughkeepsie translator W247CW ,97.3 relaying his own WALL, Middletown , has been silent for over two weeks. I know he has 30 days, and there is a backlog due to the government shutdown, but there is nothing on the FCC data base to indicate why.
    As I enjoy WALL, I would to like to know why. Did something fail and the Mount Illinois site difficult to reach in winter, or is another change in store?
    Another translator he owns ,W231BP, Chester -94.1 kind of makes it to Hyde Park, but is choppy in spots. I made due with it before 97.3 switched to WALL, but it is much lees listenable.
    One odd thing I noticed since 97.3 began relaying WALL to recently when WALL promoted its string of translator, 97.3 , Poughkeepsie was never mentioned. I thought they just never updated the promo.


    Charles Williamson has filed for a STA silent for 97.3 W247CW because he has decided to relocate the WALL programing to 106.3 W292CM also Poughkeepsie. He says it covers much the same area. But the signal is much weaker 8 watts vs 250 for 97.3. W247CW has a better north -south coverage but has a sharp southwest null to protect WZAD.
    W292CM has been silent since last August when WJZZ , Montgomery went silent . I wonder if WJZZ will ever return to the air.
    So it is now 106.3 repeating WALL in Poughkeepsie, which is just ok. Nothing can be done about it but I always thought 97.3 had the best sound quality of all the Poughkeepsie based translators.
    Williamson does have a CP to upgrade 106.3 granted in 2017.


    Pamal Broadcasting could use 97.3 for Real Country Radio.


    Pamal Broadcasting could use 97.3 for Real Country Radio.

    They already have 92.5 for WGHQ, Kingston and a CP for a translator for WBNR . Beacon , and WLAN Peekskill. 92.5 puts a decent signal into Poughkeepsie.
    I was thinking perhaps he could do a deal with I-Heart to moved WKIP off the horrible choice they made with using 98.5, which doesn’t cover much more Than Poughkeepsie to the north.
    Actually I hoped Williamson would reverse his decision to move WALL off a good signal 97.3 to 106.3. The much weaker signal doesn’t have the good quality sound and does not have the same coverage of 97.3
    106.3 gets choppy as I travel from my home in Hyde Park to work in LaGrangeville. Out near the Taconic Parkway it is unlistenable with co-channel interference, in fact 94.1 down in Chester sounds better (But not great)


    Funny-  I find myself hopping around trying to keep WALL on in the car too.  Don’t forget 106.1 from the top of Mt Beacon.


    Funny- I find myself hopping around trying to keep WALL on in the car too. Don’t forget 106.1 from the top of Mt Beacon.

    Such is life when trying to follow a small AM station outside their service area- I get that. 97.3 was one of the best translators in the area and came in great throughout the Poughkeepsie area. It worked well from my home in Hyde Park to work in LaGrange. Now having to flip back and forth between 106.3 & 94.1 depending on the line of sight in a particular location, is annoying. I have not listened much since 97.3 went silent.


    The best thing to do is consult the technical info on both. A site like fccdata.org has much better capabilities than, say, radio-locator lol.

    Here’s the data on W247CW:

    …and here’s the data on W292CM:

    It actually looks like the upgrade CP for W292CM will push the signal further north and away from Poughkeepsie proper.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    Yea I saw that. All the more reason to not shut down 97.3. Hopefully Neversink just wants to keep 106.3 license alive ahead of the one year silent rule, until it can be relocated. But in the meantime WALL will lose many Poughkeepsie listeners.

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