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    Magic 95.5 does two old school hip hop mix shows.  One on Friday, and one on Saturday.  Every Friday, and every Saturday they play the exact same songs in the exact same order mixed the exact same way.  They paid for two mix shows and just play them every week instead of having new mixes.  Also, they are so heavily day-parted to the point they don’t have an identity.  From 10am to 3pm it’s r&b with some rap geared toward someone in their late 30’s/early 40’s.  Sort of a cross between classic hip hop and urban ac.  Then, at 3pm, DL Hughley comes on, and it’s straight boring Urban AC until 7pm.  Then from 7pm to Midnight it’s all slow jams.  Which is fine, but instead of the focus being on singers like Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown and groups like Total, Dru Hill, Jodeci, New Edition.  It’s a lot more focused on Deone Warwick, and Earth Wind & Fire, Kool and the Gang.  I don’t know, it just annoys me.  They want to appeal to everyone from age 30 to age 70, but what it results in is mediocre ratings, and low cume.  Also, Cd1025 played a Beastie Boys song, and I thought it was a live performance at first, but quickly realized that no, it’s just the terrible audio quality.  Lastly, 99.3 is a waste, we have two other stations (95.9 & 104.9) playing the exact same music.  I say that because in my car, 99.3 has coverage comparable to 107.5 aaaaaand end rant.


    Lastly, 99.3 is a waste, we have two other stations (95.9 & 104.9) playing the exact same music.

    While there is some overlap of music with 95.9/104.9 it’s not 100% the same. It would be like comparing WNCI to Sunny 95 – They share some artists but are not the same. 99.3 is a Christian Hot AC while 104.9 and 95.9 are straight AC (both also have unique differences in how they program music). There are edgy songs that 104.9 or 95.9 would not dare to touch in their “don’t want to offend the listener” format.

    CD101. err CD 102.5 has always had issues with audio quality at times I am guessing it’s in their internet connection to their tower site out in Baltimore and or their processing.

    About 95.5 – I don’t disagree they are all over the road but I am sure that’s what Urban One (Radio One) want’s so their going to keep doing it – besides 95.5 exists to complement their 106.3/107.5 Rhy CHR and their Gospel 107.1.

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