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    One of the most famous stars in the history of country music (who also had success on television in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s), Glen Campbell, has died at 81.

    In recent years, he had suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

    CNN story: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/08/entertainment/glen-campbell-dies/index.html .

    (I posted this story just minutes after news of Campbell’s death broke; the link above will likely be updated with more details later today, August 8th, and this evening)



    Were I programming a country-music station, even if it was a “new country” outlet, I would have had my station play a couple of Glen Campbell songs right after news of his death was announced, and perhaps one Campbell song every half-hour for the rest of the day and evening today (August 8th).

    After all, I do consider him (and I’m not that big of a country-music fan) one of the true “giants” of country music.

    But checking the playlists of Boston’s two country-music stations (WKLB-102.5 and WBWL-101.7) as posted on their websites, neither station has (as of this writing, 6:10 P.M. EDT) played one Campbell song since news of his death broke.

    The Nash icon outlet in Worcester (WORC-98.9), again as posted on that station’s website, did play Campbell’s “Southern Nights” at 5:01 P.M. EDT, a half-hour or so after news of his death broke. I suspect WORC was carrying a “Nash Icon” network feed, so other Nash Icon stations likely also played that song at the same time.

    Have any other country-music stations (or even oldies/classic hits stations, since many of Camobell’s country hits crossed-over to the mainstream pop charts) done on-air tributes to Campbell??



    It is a shame that commercial radio stations can’t break format for a short time to pay tribute to a music icon who just passed away.  I am only aware that Don Tandler on his Pop Gold Radio played a long set of Glen Campbell songs at 7 PM EDT.




    Is Pop Gold Radio an over-the-air station, a network, or an Internet stream??

    And is it here in the U.S. or overseas??

    Thanks in advance for the answers.



    We at WRSG/wrsgradio.com did a two-hour retrospective Wednesday morning, starting with tracks from “Ghost On the Canvas,” then going into his long list of hits. We’ll run it again next week as well.

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