Report: Sinclair approaches Tribune Media about possible deal

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    Unless the FCC abandons the ownership cap, I don’t see this happening. Sinclair is at the cap, and Tribune is 5% over.


    Wait isn’t deerfield and Cunningham broadcasting TV station owners that carry Sinclair content be affected by this deal.

    How many of those stations will be forced out just so the Tribune/Sinclair deal goes through. Also in cities where both Sinclair and Tribune run Duopolies would be forced out too.


    If the Sinclair / Tribune deal was approved then it means that Sinclair could return to Sacramento for the first time since 2005 when they sold KOVR to CBS. Only this time Sinclair gets Fox 40 KTXL.


    Oklahoma City would be an interesting mess…


    Tribune currently owns  KFOR-4 (NBC) and  KAUT-43 (My)


    Sinclair currently owns  KOKH-25 (Fox) and KOCB-34 (CW)

    #172915 Well this is interesting though how will stations like WNEP-TV a Tribune station but owned by a group called “Dream catcher Broadcasting LLC”

    I know DreamCatcher Television mainly exists for Tribune to go around the ownership caps.

    What happens to that contract on the Tribune side. Does Dreamcatcher simply get taken over by Cunningham Television or Deerfield?


    Update In Salt Lake City there talking about the effects of the Trubune/Sinclair Deal affecting KSTU 13 and KUTV 2


    Is Sinclair Making Plans for Changes at FCC?

    I find it interesting that the article says President Trump wants to lift ownership caps. But congress and courts has to do a hearing with Sinclair officials about this deal for the FCC to really lift the Ownership caps though.

    Also why is Sinclair only citing Google and Facebook for this? I thought the real issue is for Sinclair and Tribune here to rival the recent Nexstar/Media General merger as the biggest TV station broadcaster in the country.


    Now this comes out.



    Well here’s an update to Tribunes Next move. Most likely some stations are to be sold. But a merger with Sinclair would pose as risky according to this analyst.


    What about radio stations both Sinclair and Tribune has such as KOMO Radio Seattle and WGN-AM Chicago those stations along with a few other TV stations would either have to turn in their license to the FCC (Like what Entercom did to KDND Sacramento because of a scandal from a decade ago plus the recent pending deal with CBS Radio) or sell some of their tv stations to Gray, Hearst, Raycom, Scripps or to subcontractors like Mission Broadcasting, Vaughan Media and Marshall Broadcasting These are broadcasting companies that own stations but carry Nexstar content.

    If your wondering who these companies are they are owners of the license of certain TV stations, Transmitters and studios. But Companies like Raycom, Nexstar, Tribune and Sinclair provide the News department, network affiliation and cable carriage contracts to the station. This is there mainly to go around the ownership caps in some markets.



    Update on the Sinclair Tribune deal.


    It will be interesting how the FCC handles this deal and the SEC though.


    It will be interesting how the FCC handles this deal and the SEC though.

    Well The street has a great point here the Sinclair Tribune deal cannot happen until the FCC and Congress approves of this deal and review the reasons for the merger.


    Update Fox wants to respond to the Sinclair/Tribune Negotiations.


    21st Century Fox Inc., the media conglomerate controlled by Rupert Murdoch, is weighing options to help thwart a potential takeover of Tribune Media Co. by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., people familiar with the situation said.

    Fox is deliberating over possible choices after having been approached by several parties, which are interested in acquiring Tribune directly or as part of a consortium, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private. One of the parties that has talked with Fox is activist investor Starboard Value LP, which owned a 4.4 percent stake in Tribune as of March 15.

    While Sinclair recently approached Tribune about a possible merger, the companies aren’t close to a deal, other people familiar with the matter said. Nexstar Media Group Inc. is also weighing a bid, although it hasn’t hired a financial adviser yet, the people said. Nexstar has a history of laying in wait for a potential deal, striking an agreement to acquire Media General Inc. in 2015 only after Media General had announced plans to merge with Meredith Corp.

    While some of the parties eyeing Tribune are interested in teaming up with Fox for a bid, Fox doesn’t want to acquire the broadcaster, the people said. Murdoch’s company may ultimately decide not to intervene at all, the people said.

    A combination of Tribune and Sinclair, two of the country’s biggest TV station owners, would give Sinclair control of 28 percent of the Fox-affiliated channels that Murdoch’s company doesn’t own directly, the people said. That would give Sinclair a stronger negotiating hand in future talks with Fox about how to split fees from cable providers, the people said.

    Several large media companies, including CBS Corp. and Sinclair, are up against U.S. rules that limit the reach of station owners to 39 percent of the country and need reform from the Federal Communications Commission if they want to expand geographically.

    Fox holds some sway over Tribune’s destiny because it has to consent to the transfer of the company’s affiliate agreements to a new owner in the event of a takeover, two of the people said.


    Wow interesting how that will play out though.

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