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    Alvaro Leos Jr

    Source: March 14, 1970 TV Guide NYC edition (Diahann Carroll on the cover)
    WCBS Ch.2
    6:30am Sunrise Semester (Iranian art)
    7am CBS News (Joseph Beneti)
    8am Captain Kangaroo
    9am Leave it to Beaver
    9:30 Donna Reed
    10am Lucille Ball
    10:30 Beverly Hillbillies
    11am Andy Griffith
    11:30 Love of Life
    Noon Where the Heart Is
    12:25 News (Douglas Edwards)
    12:30 Search for Tomorrow
    1pm Galloping Gourmet
    1:30 As the World Turns
    2pm Love is a Many Splendored Thing
    2:30 Guiding Light
    3pm Secret Storm
    3:30 Edge of Night
    4pm Gomer Pyle
    4:30 Mike Douglas (Stiller and Meara cohost; Gordon McRae and Lesley Gore guest)
    6pm News (Jim Jensen)
    7pm CBS News (Uncle Walter of course)
    7:30 Gunsmoke (Earl Holliman guests)
    8:30 Here’s Lucy
    9pm Mayberry RFD
    9:30 Doris Day (this is the “commuting Doris” era)
    10pm Carol Burnett (Nancy Wilson guests)
    11pm News (Bob Young)
    11:30 Merv Griffin (Dr. Joyce Brothers guests)
    1am News
    1:10 Movie: “Captain Lightfoot” (Rock Hudson; 1955)
    3am Movie: “Daughter of Rosie O’Grady” (June Haver and Gordon McRae; 1950)

    WNBC Ch.4
    6:30am Education Exchange “Escape to Nowhere” Part 1 of 10 on drug abuse
    7am Today (NYC Mayor John Lindsay and James Stewart)
    9am For Women Only “The High Cost of Living” Bess Myerson, then NYC’s Comissioner of Consumer Affairs
    9:30 Kup’s Show (Hal Holbrook and the Encyclopedia Britannica’s editor)
    10am It Takes TWo (Vin Scully hosted game show)
    10:25 News (Nancy Dickerson)
    10:30 Concentration
    11am Sale of the Century
    11:30 Hollywood Squares (Michael Landon and Karen Valentine among the guests)
    Noon Jeopardy
    12:30 Who What or Where
    12:55 News (Floyd Kalber)
    1pm It’s Your Bet (Forrest Tucker guests)
    1:25 News (Douglas Edwards)
    1:30 Life With Linkletter “Jack Webb tells how to spot drug addiction in teenagers” Maybe if they paint their face blue? 🙂
    2pm Days of Our Lives
    2:30 Doctors
    3pm Another World
    3:30 Bright Promise
    4pm Name Droppers (Bill Dana and Rose Marie)
    4:30 Movie: “Tammy Tell Me True” (1961; Sandra Dee in the title role)
    6pm News (Frank McGee)
    7pm Huntley/Brinkley Report
    7:30 My World and Welcome to It
    8pm Laugh-In Gladys (Ruth Buzzi) and Tyrone (Arte Johnson) are getting married, so Carol Channing and Tiny Tim visit the party.
    9pm Movie: “Savage Pampas” (Robert Taylor; 1966)
    11pm News (Jim Hartz)
    11:30 Tonight (Alan King guest hosts; Lola Falana)
    1am News (NOT the same as 11pm)
    a:15 Movie: “The Irish in Us” (from 1935, with Olivia DeHaviland and the shocking casting of James Cagney and Pat O’Brien:) )

    WNEW Ch.5
    7:45 Exercise
    8am Marine Boy
    8:30 Alvin Show
    9am Movie: “Clipped Wings” (Bowery Boys flick from 1953)
    NOTE: What’s more surprising, they aired movies this early or this short in 1970?
    10am Pixanne
    11am Movie: “Texas Rangers” (1936; Fred MacMurray)
    1pm Movie: “High Wide and Handsome” (1937; Irene Dunne, Randolph Scott, and Dorothy Lamour)
    3pm Casper
    3:30 Flintstones
    4pm Wonderama
    5pm Cartoons (that’s the whole description)
    5:30 My Favorite Martian
    6pm Lost in Space
    7pm I Love Lucy (this late?)
    7:30 Truth or Consequences
    8pm To Tell the Truth
    8:30 David Frost
    10pm News (Bill Jorgensen)
    11pm Peyton Place
    11:30 Movie: “Come Fill the Cup” (1951; James Cagney)
    1:40am Reel Camp (listed as “Comedy” and that’s it.)

    WABC Ch.7
    6:30am Project Know “The Motions of the Earth”
    7am News (Tom Dunn)
    7:05 His and Her of It (Mussolini’s son, a jazz pianist(!), is interviewed)
    8:30 Girl Talk
    9am Movie: “We Joined the Navy” (1962; again a really early movie)
    11:30 Anniversary Game
    Noon Bewitched
    12:30 That Girl
    1pm All My Children
    1:30 Let’s Make a Deal
    2pm Newlywed Game
    2:30 Dating Game
    3pm General Hospital
    3:30 One Life to Live
    4pm Dark Shadows
    4:30 Movie: “Designing Women” (1957; Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall)
    6pm News (Roger Grimsby)
    7pm ABC News (Reynolds/Howard K. Smith)
    7:30 It Takes a Thief
    8:30 Movie: “Alvarez Kelly” (1966; William Holden and Richard Widmark)
    11pm News (Roger Grimsby again)
    11:30 Dick Cavett (Harry Belafonte)
    1pm Movie: “Secret of the Black Trunk” (1962)

    WOR Ch.9
    7:55am News
    8am Bozo
    8:30 Cartoons
    9am Romper Room (80 minutes for “Romper Room”?)
    10:20 Fashions in Sewing
    10:30 Joe Franklin
    11:30 What’s My Line
    Noon Journey to Adventure (Calgary Stampede)
    12:30 Stock Market
    3pm Della Reese (Terry Thomas and Rose Marie)
    4pm Movie Game (Peter Lawford, Eve Arden, and Pat Boone)
    4:30 Movie: “Rommel’s Treasure” (1960)
    6pm Gilligan’s Island
    6:30 Flipper
    7pm Dick Van Dyke (Wally Cox guests)
    7:30 Avengers (the Linda Thorson years)
    8:30 Candid Camera (Durward Kirby hosts; Vivian Vance guests)
    9pm Movie: “Ticklish Affair” (1963; Shirley Jones and Gig Young)
    11pm Divorce Court
    11:30 The Bold Ones (just the pilot, although listed as a movie)
    1:30am Joe Franklin
    2:30am News

    WPIX Ch.11
    7:15am News
    7:30 Popeye
    9am Sesame Street (Lou Rawls and James Earl Jones visit; don’t know why WPIX airs this if WNEW also did)
    10am Jack LaLanne
    10:30 Rendezvous
    NOTE: This slot varied every day, with other shows like “Jewish Dimension” and “Black Pride”
    10:55 News
    11am \David Wade (cooking)
    11:30 Gumby
    Noon Underdog
    12:30 Rocky (kid’s show)
    1pm Here’s Barbara
    1:30 Steve Allen (Jackie Vernon and Al Jarreau guest)
    2pm Match Game*
    2:30 Patty Duke
    3pm Popeye
    3:30 Superman
    4pm Addams Family
    4:30 Three Stooges
    5pm Timmy and Lassie
    5:30 Munsters
    6pm Batman (Victor Buono as King Tut)
    6:30 Star Trek
    7:30 Beat the Clock (Norm Crosby)
    8pm Can You Top This? (Morey Amsterdam)
    8:30 He Said She Said (Allen Ludden and Betty White)
    9pm Felony Squad
    9:30 NYPD
    10pm News (Lee Nelson)
    11pm Perry Mason
    Midnight Donahue (Jessie Jackson)
    12:30am News

    WNET Ch.13
    8:25am Classroom
    11:30 Sesame Street (different episode than Ch.11)
    12:30 Classroom
    2pm Sex Education
    2:20 Classroom
    3pm International Magazine
    4pm German Lessons
    4:30 Sesame Street (repeat of morning show)
    5:30 Misterogers (yes still listed as one word)
    6pm What’s New
    6:30 Astronomy
    7pm Antiques
    7:30pm 13 Stars for Ch. 13 (The Clancy Brothers and Colleen Dewhurst appear in this St. Patrick’s Day themed station fundraiser)
    11pm NET Journal “The Brain”



    Interestingly, there was no Noon newscast on any New York station!

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