RIP: WPLJ (1971-2019)

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    As you probably heard the news that WPLJ is leaving the airwaves as of tonight at 7 PM.

    Last night, they had a big reunion show featuring longtime jocks from WPLJ’s past like Scott Shannon, Carol Miller, Chris Marino (from WPKF’s “Kiss-FM”), Pat St. John, Tony Pigg, and many more. I have the airchecks from this one festive show yesterday.

    I got a few more shows to go until it’s done. D-O-N-E, DONE!!!

    What a way to end the station after 48 of being a rock station, a CHR station, and a hot AC station.

    RIP: WPLJ (1971-2019)


    The station is merely ending commercial operations at 7pm. You can’t say RIP to a station that isn’t dying.

    WPLJ is changing their format for the third time in the past 36 years (rock->CHR in 1983, CHR->Hot AC in 1991, Hot AC->CCM [K-Love] in 2019) and the call letters are remaining in place… unlike that brief moment in 1988 that 95.5 went by WWPR, but everyone ignores that part.

    And for many, the PLJ they remembered died either in 1983, 1990 or when Scott Shannon was forced out.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!

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