River City News, WNKR team up with new format on WNKU's former Middletown radio

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    Interesting article that gives some clues as to what the new format will be on 105.9 come next Monday


    I agree, there’s no reason why they couldn’t do that. I’m doubting they will do a total simulcast of WNKR 106.7.  It could be a variant of AAA and country or something else that will be on 105.9


    I doubt they will air the UK sports network on 105.9 either. A Mullins Classic Country Network makes sense and is likely what they will do on 105.9. If they can get advertisers in Dry Ridge including the surrounding Northern KY area, I’m sure there’s enough advertisers in Butler County and Dayton to make their money back on what it cost to purchase WNKN and turn a good profit without having to hire a separate staff


    105.9 will be simulcasting WNKR.


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