RKO to swap Kuhner, VB slots

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    NorthEast Radio Watch 11/19/18: WRKO Shuffles Hosts

    Fybush’s NorthEastRadioWatch says that after Thanksgiving, WRKO 680 will move Jeff Kuhner to mornings and Doug VB Goudie gets the noon slot. Kim Carrigan will exit the station.


    The show at noon will be called VB in the Middle


    Heh, I thought Rush would eventually be back on WRKO, and this move couldn’t prove me more wrong.

    Kuhner’s Quixotic dreams of radio syndication have to be going bye-bye with this move, right? lol

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    I hope Kim’s  departure was voluntary.  That AM show had really improved.  I don’t like the look of this lineup at all.


    I hope Kim’s departure was voluntary. That AM show had really improved. I don’t like the look of this lineup at all.

    Kuhner is a trainwreck disguised as a dumpster fire regardless of wherever you put him on the lineup.

    I’ll laugh if iHeart actually gives VB the marketing and promotional tools for his new midday slot that have eluded the Krazy One all these years.

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    Kim’s departure was most likely cost cutting, end of contract.While they are reluctant to move Rush to RKO maybe eventually they could sell off or lease out 1200 and carry Rush live on RKO with Hannity shifted to 7 pm. Unlikely though for now.

    But as of now this allows them news by day, local talk at night on BZ while RKO continues as before with local talk till 7 pm then syndie.Some money can be made.Some…



    It does make me wonder if iHeart has in mind the same program strategy they’ve used in Cincinnati and Los Angeles… where one talk station has a heavily-local lineup (see WLW and KFI; WLW is still live/local nearly 24/7) while the other talk station carries the syndicated talk hosts (see 55KRC and KEIB).

    When thinking in that perspective, let’s look again at the programming of WBZ, WRKO and 1200. WBZ remains all-news by day, all-local talk by night, WRKO has local talk + Howie’s regional network during the day as a counterprogram to WBZ’s all-news, and 1200 has their 24/7 syndicated talk as a counterprogram to WBZ and WRKO’s local fare. (And that makes sense, as 1200 isn’t as long-established as WBZ and WRKO, so ratings aren’t that important over there.)

    If this is indeed how they intend to program all three spoken word stations, it’s a good move on their part. Keeps the long-running news/talk formula on BZ intact, WRKO can be tended to in a reasonable fashion (although I’m not entirely sold on Kuhner’s long-term future, especially in AMD), and 1200 clears the syndie shows that would undoubtedly be ratings issues on either station. So everyone wins.

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    AM/PM drive makes sense.  Hard line Conservative or Liberal makes sense on AM today. Loud, opionated plays well.  So I get the Kuhner move.  Now their 2 most important day parts —AM & PM are themed.  Like the format or not– its consistent, themed and has a clear target audience.

    With narrowcasting–in this world–if 15% love you and 85% hate you–you win the timeslot.  So I totally get AM & PM drive.

    VB “in the middle”?? Seriously– what kind of jello is that?? Really–what are they thinking??  Is that a placeholder until they expand pay-to-play to 10AM-2PM??  Honestly, VB deserves better.

    Looks like IHeart is formatting their drive time bread and butter..the rest?  Well…


    Given that Barry Armstrong’s brokered show is simulcast in the same timeslot on WTAG and WXTK, I doubt they’d extend it to 10p-2p. If anything, Barry’s financial talk and VB’s more general talk are a good match for the midday time period… if you want polarizing talk, flip over to Beck+Rush on 1200, and for all-news, there’s ‘BZ. Keep those listeners in the family.

    Howie’s show is his own entity and practically runs itself… he’s a known commodity. Kuhner isn’t as much, in part because he’s been bounced around in different timeslots over the years. But in order to get that 15% who will love you, people need to know you exist. Entercom didn’t really spend money to promote or market Kuhner, and while it’s easy to say iHeart will do so with him taking such an important daypart, economics may dictate otherwise. And unfortunately, they usually do.

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