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    Looks like IHeart Media’s Rock 107 has morphed back to mainstream rock.




    The change took place Sunday night. Was also posted on their Facebook page.


    I didn’t know this was an iHeart station. I went to the web site hoping it would have a link to the Facebook page. The web site told us the last song played and the first time it was by Korn, but the second time it was by Tom Petty.

    iHeart has a station in Greensboro NC which sounds like active rock except when it doesn’t. Rock 107 may sound like the Greensboro station.


    I have not had the chance to listen much, but from what I heard it does sound like a “Man up” clone. It may sound that way though as they morph back mainstream rock.


    I told the Sun News about it, and reminded them there still hadn’t been an article about WEZV. The WEZV article did appear

    And it also included information about The Tide. I kind of figured The Tide would rop older songs with WEZV playing them.


    I decided to see what the Man Up station was doing the other day when I couldn’t get a good signal from any of the good radio stations. “Carry On Wayward Son” was followed by “Bad Company” as performed by Five Finger Death. I know who it was because there was a DJ, which was something new for that station.


    Another check on the Man Up station, in case the two are similar. Although I could try the web site of Rock 107 too.

    “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack. I heard lyrics and there was a DJ to say who it was. That’ll clear your sinuses. Followed by AC/DC, but I’ve already forgotten what song.


    Rock 107 now has competition, at least in Georgetown.  As of today, modern rock 93.7 the Shark. Sounds more like active rock, but all the music seems to be what used to be called alternative. So far it seems to have one objective: be as loud as possible. But nothing that would be considered heavy metal.


    I finally heard AC/DC on The Shark, so that sounds like active rock even if Lance Venta calls it “rock” and the logo says “:modern rock”.

    And to anyone outside The Shark’s range who likes that music, Rock 107 is a joke.



    And once again, fans of that type of rock are stuck with choosing between Rock 107 and WKZQ.

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