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    Radioinsight has reported the pending sale of WENT AM1340 and 105.1 FM with a sale price of $390,000. The station owned by Whitney Broadcasting’s  Jack Scott has been on the market for at least 3 years. I wish Jack a happy retirement. The sale price is less than half the figure that I heard was originally asked for. Operating a small town radio station is difficult nowadays with small mom and pop operations being driven out with big chains who generally don’t purchase as much radio advertising time particularly in small markets.

    The new owner, listed as Michael Schaus, DBA Thnk Tank Broadcasting is bit of an unknown. From what read in the article, he has been involved in radio for some time. I googled his DBA and found nothing, leading me to believe it is a newly formed company for the purpose of purchasing WENT.  I wish Mr. Schaus well in his new venture. He will probably move to the area and will be overseeing day to day operations like Jack Scott did. At the same time, I would give him this advise. Don’t come in with the idea of making wholesale changes to the station. There are some very dedicated persons working at this station who probably love what they doing as small market radio does not pay much. Keep it local, WENT is one of a relatively few small town stations that has not gone for satellite programming except for network news and pro sports play by play. If he goes satellite, he will trash WENT.


    Since my original post a couple of days ago, I have learned a lot more about the new owner of WENT. I was not aware that the new owner was involved with stations in eastern New York, and lived in this region. Townsquare Media in Albany, Regional Radio in Glens Falls and WQBK in Rennsalaer with a brief stint in Massachusetts. Most recently, he was an account executive with Lamar, a billboard advertising service. Now I read an article in the Schenectady Daily Gazette that mentions that this will be his first station as an owner and appears to be committed to keeping WENT much as it is as I had hoped. In its 74 years of operation WENT has done well with the 4 previous owners and will most likely continue to do so with the new owner.


    He previously did sales for WQBK-FM, as well as the former AAA formatted WXLE-104.5…..and was involved with ownership in the former WBKK-97.7 ….as I recall too…

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