Salem Media cancels show by Pres. Candidate Joe Walsh

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    Salem Media is cancelling national distribution of the Joe Walsh show effective Sept 26. Walsh (born William Joseph Walsh–no t the rock singer) has just announced a candidacy for President, as a Republican challenger to Pres.  Trump. Walsh said he found out just before going on a CNN interview.

    Equal Time rule?

    Walsh’s show website is now an announcement of his candidacy and a request for donations.



    That is correct, it’s the Equal Time Rule in play. It doesn’t just limit the candidate, but also family members… Creators Syndicate columnist Connie Schultz has to go on hiatus whenever her husband, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, is on the campaign trail.

    What’s interesting is that Joe was the only remaining syndicated Salem host who became vocally critical of Trump. It’s rare in that format to begin with (ask Charlie Sykes of the Bulwark or Erick Erickson of WSB 95.5), but double rare given how much they’ve gone “all-in” on showing support.

    I think Joe knew a cancellation was coming. Depending on the length of his insurgent campaign, it’s going to be not an easy task finding a substitute host and not brand it under his name.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    I’m not sure that the move here is specifically because of any regulatory/legal issues; supposedly, he’s staying on Salem’s WIND for now, and the company’s statement suggests that he could launch with a different syndicator…

    Salem Cancels Joe Walsh National Distribution

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019


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