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    Scott announced this morning on the Big Show today was his last day. He said “it was time” to leave.

    One can speculate he was forced out or is leaving on his own accord but there is no argument about Scott’s place in New York’s radio history.

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    Logical Cumulus move: Imus to WPLJ; Curtis & Kuby to AM Drive on WABC. Thoughts?

    C&K, a great local show with an existing fan base, would then be opposite a tasteless out-of-town windbag on CC’s WOR. It’s a no-brainer, IMO.

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    WPLJ is still a very good billing station and very popular with the soccer mom’s. Nothing like it was in the day, but radio isn’t anything like it was during the day. That said, there is no chance Imus ends up on WPLJ, nor should he. IMO- his show has no edge anymore, he doesn’t relate to young listeners and it is probably time he rides off to the Arizona ranch.

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    Totally agree re: Imus. But PLJ is now minus half its morning show. I’m not a PLJ listener so I have no idea how this will affect the audience but, if it’s a negative factor and if a change is in the wind, switching Imus to FM as an interim move might make sense. They’d rid WABC of him without having to buy out his contract.

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    Imus isn’t moving to WPLJ — he’s at least three decades too old to fit their target demographic. He’ll stay on WABC until he either retires or is no longer physically able to do the show.

    As for WPLJ, Todd might either try out various co-hosts until he finds one that “clicks”… or, amazing at might seem, he might just fill up the time by playing more music.

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    Sorry, to hear this news. The morning show is nothing without Scott. So Todd is now doing it ‘on his own’, that’s a pitty. Better searching for a new team in the morning in my point of view.
    Scott to CBS FM would be a great addition to their line-up.

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    I am not sure about Todd in the morning. But then again, I never thought he would last 22 years in NYC either so what do I know. Clearly he has done something right.

    I think Scott will probably send his True Oldies tracks to Dallas by 8am and be out on the golf course by 10am. He’s earned it.

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    Lance Venta

    If Scott Shannon at 66 is too old for WPLJ’s target audience, how is Imus at nearly a decade older (and someone who’s been out of current music radio for over 4 decades) a fit?

    This move was about one thing: Cumulus cutting another high salaried personality. Shannon has seen most of his power taken away at the station since Cumulus took over and many of “his people” let go or transferred out of New York. It’s being phrased as a “retirement” as Cumulus is likely paying him a nice sum to not take the hit of firing a legend.

    Listening to his farewell show, Shannon made clear on multiple occasions that while he is retiring from WPLJ that he’s not done with radio.

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    I am very upset to learn of Scott’s sudden retirement. Like countless others, I have been a faithful fan and avid listener to the Scott & Todd Show on WPLJ every day since they began. They give a great kick-start to my day, and I come into work with a cheerful attitude as a result of having just shared a few laughs with PLJ. If Scott is doing this willingly, then I wish him the very best and hope he thoroughly enjoys his retirement. But if this was not a decision of his own making, then I stand highly critical of those at the top who made such a decision. I think you will find the loss of one-half of a great team a huge deficit. Watch your ratings, PLJ. As good and multi-talented as Todd is, it was the DUO that created the dynamic.

    God bless you, Scott…………….and thanks for so many wonderful and incredible memories!

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    PLJ’s loss.

    No irony there.

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    Hopefully, Scott Shannon’s departure wasn’t health related.

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    Goin’ Where?

    All respect, Joseph. But nothing good was served by posting that.


    Scott Shannon was on WABC this morning on the Geraldo Rivera show at the top of the hour at 10AM for about 15 minutes…Scott hinted that his new move will have something to do with Oldies. I’m wondering if he will do a live show on the True Oldies channel.

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    Nathan Obral

    Scott Shannon was on WABC this morning on the Geraldo Rivera show at the top of the hour at 10AM for about 15 minutes…Scott hinted that his new move will have something to do with Oldies. I’m wondering if he will do a live show on the True Oldies channel.

    Perhaps weekends on CBS-FM? Musically, it would be a perfect fit with his 1980s heyday at Z100.

    Or would he reunite with Tom Cuddy at CC New York to host weekends on Q104?

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!

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    I wonder what would happen to TOC. My local affiliate is KSAJ in Salina.

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