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    Anyone know why WWGK 1540 “KNR2” is on the air after sunset the past few days running ESPN Radio network programming?



    Anyone know why WWGK 1540 “KNR2” is on the air after sunset the past few days running ESPN Radio network programming?

    Probably automation failure that’s supposed to shut off transmitter. Obviously even the owner doesn’t listen to it.


    Did you guys see that KNR is stopping their podcasts .. and now charging $85 a year for it? They made up some app .. I dunno the name .. and they are just getting SAVAGED on Reddit and several other places I have seen.

    I understand revenue but .. this isn’t 2004 and that costs more than Netflix.  And it was previously free. And is free on their competitor.

    Not a real good decision.

    Really bad look.



    Have heard rumors…have no idea how valid they are…but: rumors are floating around that WKNR 850/1540 may be for sale.

    With CBS’ sale (OK “merger”…yeah, right!) with Entercom still pending, I doubt they’d want GKB’s Cleveland stations. iHeart/CC is so far in debt they aren’t likely. Who in their right mind buys any AM radio station in 2017 (unless it’s in an under-radio’d small market?).

    Sadly, this may be the beginning of the end for KNR.




    In the latest sidelight on how this turns .. evidently .. the Sabrina chick lady .. person .. was on a show entitled:

    “The Sports Joc Show with Wayne Gandy”

    Search me. I have no idea what that is. BUT .. she stated on that show that her and Aaron Goldhammer sat down a week before and discussed this. And he gave the go ahead.

    Then, Cleveland Browns Daily came on the WKNR airwaves and just SKEWERED Goldhammer .. I think it was .. uh .. whatever defensive back from Ohio State is on that show, I can’t listen to it, it’s like .. Goebells type propaganda .. MATT WILHELM that’s the dude’s name .. he says ..

    <paraphrasing> Goldhammer hid behind management during this fiasco and now he’s on the air again without losing his job

    Again, this is going off of hearsay .. I did not personally hear this .. but, it’s really GOOD hearsay.

    There are still some minor radio players around that might take a look at KNR for purchase. It couldn’t be for much. Remember, they power down at night. In January, more than half of the day it’s “if you happen to be driving past the station, tune us in”. Of course, now you have streaming so .. maybe that makes up for it a little bit.

    It startles me that people .. allegedly good businessmen and women .. buy advertising on this station. They sell everything they can possibly sell and gobs of it. It’s a front to back scam on Cleveland area businesses but .. they buy it. Nobody forces them to.

    If they do sell, plunder their sales manager for some other entity.

    Evidently, he’s the Jimi Hendrix of advertising.



    Timothy Blanks

    Who do you think would be the main interested buyers in 850 and 1540 if they are really for sale?



    That’s just it, Tim. Everything the previous tim said is valid about the major players in broadcast radio. It would have to be somebody out of left field .. somebody starting something new with capital .. some new entity that doesn’t know any better.

    The only other option I could think of is the old radio stand by .. Jesus Christ or Donald Trump ..

    Politics or Religion would buy ’em.

    That’s all I could come up with.

    Any sane investor wouldn’t touch radio with a 10-foot pole right now.

    It’s just not worth anything. Anything at all.

    Like the same value as dirt.

    And AM radio would be mud.



    CBS may buy it (for a song) if only to get 100% control of the Browns radio network (and also land the Buckeyes as a nice fringe benefit).

    CBS Sports Radio goes to 850, Westwood One talk (along with the Browns propaganda show) goes to 1540, Rizzo squeezes in on 92.3 (chopping an hour off of Baskin & Phelps, Bull & Fox, and Nick Wilson), Hammer goes to Louisville to spend his rich wife’s money (Allie Goldhammer’s family is loaded – money marries money…what can I tell you?), and MAYBE Grossi comes aboard for Browns coverage (everybody else…best of luck in your future endeavors).



    It all sounds feasible, although unlikely. Especially Rizzo …..Will JoeBee be subsidizing that programming change? The other moves are possible. Can’t see them absorbing Rizzo’s poison unless forced to as part of the sale.



    Salem buys the station and moves WHK programming to 850 and places their business format on 1420.  Shut down 1540 as it’s a waste of electricity.  Salem seems to be the only larger owner that’s still buying AM’s.  An affiliated company of Salem just purchased WSPZ/570 in the Washington DC area.



    Maybe Robert Conrad buys 850 and puts WRMR back on the air.



    Maybe Robert Conrad buys 850 and puts WRMR back on the air.

    Quote Holy full circle Batman.


    Foreign language, religious, sportstalk, and general talk is about all AM stations are good for in most multiple-station medium & large markets in 2017.

    And, even talk & sportstalk stations (on AM or FM) are struggling to bill enough advertising revenue to be a highly profitable business.

    Radio’s prime issues: less advertising revenue as major national and regional advertisers are spreading their ad budgets around…more and more to on-line/web advertising. Easily provable ROI or not, advertisers aren’t idiots: they see what we all do…time spent on the internet/web & social media by the general public has exploded & is growing even more every month. This isn’t phony, it’s real.

    Radio stations and other traditional media like TV, print, etc….can only run so much advertising and cut staff so much until there’s nothing left to cut. The explosion of ad clutter is incredible everywhere, and lack of relevant local content is simply amazing.

    If all radio can do is be a more or less juke box with 20-30 minutes an hour of commercials: there’s many other places to get music. Full-service elements like time, weather, traffic, news…all are available  pretty much 24/7 on-line.

    It’s unfortunate if you wax nostalgic about the roll of local radio and TV in our lives and feel bad about radio & local TV’s decline. Times change…the media world has changed…and advertisers are following the public to on-line more and more every day…it’s as simple as that. Regardless of our longing for days of yesterday…we’re now in a very different media world.






    …more and more to on-line/web advertising…

     …time spent on the internet/web & social media by the general public has exploded & is growing even more every month …

     Times change…the media world has changed…and advertisers are following the public to on-line more and more every day…

    I remember when the avalanche started and that is exactly what everyone was saying. And you are right .. smack dab dead on. However, those exact lines quoted here are the exact lines delivered in 1996. It’s been this way for a generation now.
    Broadcast radio has been dying now for 20 friggin’ years. It’s like your one aunt who has had 7 kinds of cancer and beat them all. And they just jack up the volume of commercials so .. Aunt Radio also smokes two packs a day. It won’t freaking die.
    ” The explosion of ad clutter is incredible everywhere ..”
    The other day, G, I was watching the Cleveland Indians and DURING the game .. this is DURING the game .. they have a main camera view behind the pitcher looking at the batter. I counted NINE advertisements I could see in that main shot. NINE advertisements. *AND THIS IS DURING THE GAME*. Not to mention, it wasn’t on a FREE TV station either. This was a cable paid subscription channel. So, I’m paying to watch the Indians, I have to look at nine ads DURING the broadcast .. just stare at them .. can’t look at something else, that’s the main view. AND THAT IS BEFORE THEY GO TO AN ACTUAL COMMERCIAL!
    You make a great point there and it is absolutely out of control.
    And there is not a damn thing we can .. or they will .. do about it.


    And next year, we get to see company logos on the basketball uniforms. Lovely.

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