Should WKHR focus more on late 40s to early 60's music?

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    Anne Murray and Mac Davis sounds like a 70’s country lite format :)

    Yes, but they were pop crossover acts. That kind of mid-late 1960s – early, mid-1970s pop slush like Helen Reddy and Tony Orlando and Dawn.


    As I remember, he played too much of that stuff and I was not surprised when he left the station.


    I like songs by both Anne Murray and Mac Davis, and truth be told, my all-time favorite recording ever made is “Broken Hearted Me” by Anne Murray.


    Do you like “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” John?


    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>superjock1 wrote:</div>
    Years ago WKHR before AM 850 WRMR/WHK many call letters switches in ownership KHR had a guy who during fund drive could raise on a 4 hour shift pull in $10k.Did this for a couple of years when Scott McVay died he was in charge due to his connection with school board several BAD CHOICES WERE MADE! George Stark was placed in charge bad move,Chris Kofron was and still remains due to being an employee with the school and instructor. Mike Young was the guy who brought in the numbers and dollars,Scott knew this however George didn’t like him and the style of music and Poof he was dismissed as were The Ackers. Mike is over at WJCU 88.7FM SAT.1-3PM With Music & Memories and fills-in for Joe Madigan on his RETRO-RADIO SHOW. Mike also does sundays at THE SUNDAY OLDIES JUKEBOX 88.9FM,When The Late Uncle Bill brought Mike to do sunday afternoon which he still does 3-6pm Stark was upset and demanded that Mike be shown the door it didn’t happen and UB thought it was funny because UB was 91.5’s engineer and Stark thought it made him look foolish because of UB. I for one don’t get the problem however Mike is at WJCU & WSTB as for WKHR expanding and switching it up as long as George the Weatherman is still in charge it won’t happen until they start losing MONEY via FUND DRIVES THEN MAYBE A POSITIVE TWEEKING CAN HAPPEN!

    I remember when Mike Young did the Sunday morning shift on WKHR, I would be all set for some Great American Songbook with my Sunday morning coffee and instead his taste leaned toward Anne Murray and Mac Davis rather than Peggy Lee and Nat King Cole. If anyone thinks that the former two are on the same level as the latter two, then I don’t know what to say.

    I listened to Mike and Margie and Margie played Anne Murray it was cover version of songs from The Great American Songbook. As for Mac Davis I heard him play Sammy but not Mac.


    Do you like “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” John?
    Not really. At best, I can take it or leave it. I can go into specifics about the greatness of Anne Murray’s take on “Broken Hearted Me” however.


    I was kidding with you John, but seriously there was a lot of pop/country crossover going on in the 70’s. I’ve heard of Anne Murray but never got into her that much. Some of the stuff was good, others not so good from the genre.
    Getting back to WKHR I think they should add some of the “softer” stuff from the 60’s and 70’s since no one else plays it.


    Well, another one bites the dust. Terry Stevens just announced he will no longer be doing his show on Wednesday evenings. Apparently, “the management” does not like his musical selections which are mostly from the 50’s and 60’s. It seems like anyone who tries to play any post big band era music on 91.5 is eventually forced out. That was the case with Mike Young, Jon and Donna Akers, and probably a few others.


    Just a thought: what do you think would happen if some young whipper snapper took over control of the board at WKHR and start playing stuff like Pantera, Black Sabbath and Metallica?


    Just a thought: what do you think would happen if some young whipper snapper took over control of the board at WKHR and start playing stuff like Pantera, Black Sabbath and Metallica?

    Nursing home riots. Senior citizens overdosing on Metamucil. Severe cane and walker thrashings to anyone intemperate enough to say they volunteer at WKHR and like the new sound. Kidnappings of station personnel and them being forced to listen to seniors [and others] yelling “Back in my day, radio stations knew how to play music people liked to listen to. And every kid knew to stay off my lawn!”


    Just something wrong with picturing 80 and 90s year olds head banging at the local nursing home. Thanks Yekimi, I needed a good laugh. 🙂


    Just something wrong with picturing 80 and 90s year olds head banging at the local nursing home. Thanks Yekimi, I needed a good laugh. :)

    Tore myself away from a glass of Milk of Magnesia to say “You’re Welcome”


    You guys are funny what’s not funny 2 things. Terry Stevens was talked about by Mike Young a few weeks ago on WJCU.
    He said it would be nice if Terry guested on his show or joined the station.
    I also heard the Fund Drive barely made $60k for WKHR,at one time they could raise about $100k gee maybe if next year is another disaster they may have to open up the playlist selection more or switch formats.
    In the real Radio World STAFF BLOW-OUT AND FORMAT CHANGE.


    $60,000 doesn’t sound bad to me. It may be less then gathered before, but still isn’t “chump change”.


    Playing a little more recent 50’s and 60’s in good taste after 6pm would have been a nice touch; even one or two nights per week would not have hurt the format. There were quite a few “mature” folks that followed us to WJCU to hear the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s offered there. Would a couple of hours a week hurt numbers of listeners? You probably need to ask the audience. Wow! That’s a neat idea.


    Listening to WKHR tonight and they are play a lot of the pre-rock and roll 50’s music mixed with some 40’s and even early 60’s. With WMJI basically 70s and 80s now, WKHR is basically the only station in Cleveland to play pre-1970 music. I know WKHR also plays 1920s and 1930s music. Very few people are alive who grew up with that music. I guess my question is should WKHR change focus to 1940 through 1970 music? Throwing in just some pre-1940 music. I think that would have wider appeal. The person born in 1915 would turn 100 this year. Or should WKHR stay as is? Just think there is a lack or radio outlets for good 50s and 60s music

    I know that this is an old post, but WDLW “Kool Kat Oldies” (1380 AM – 98.9 FM and streaming at concentrates on rock and roll from the late 50s to the early 70s.
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