Smokies move to 92.3/760

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    Looks like the Tennessee Smokies are moving their radio network from WNML 99.1/990 to WETR 92.3/760.

    Interesting move would say, Smokies have been on the Sports Animal for as long as I can remember. Not sure if it was a mutual deal or not. AA Baseball fills alot of programming but with WNML being the flagship for UT and carrying alot of other sports across the board it might have been difficult on their part. Perhaps it was strictly a business decision and WETR offered a better deal. One downside I could see in this is losing the 990 nighttime signal.

    Programming-wise WETR is a nice complement to 98.7 for conservative talk. They now have a local morning show and with the addition of the FM signal it has probably helped them try and gain a following. Dave Ramsay show always has a nice local following. They recently picked up Ben Shapiro’s radio show which I would say is a rising voice on the conservative talk stage.

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