Song tags on 102.1?

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    I’m pretty sure I’m about six months behind in noticing this, but has anyone else noticed that Star 102 quietly dropped the automated song tags from their songs? I think they have a new playlist – a lot of CAPITAL ARTIST NAME Regular Format Song Title information cards have been popping up lately, plus they added in the rap version of “Havana” and some other different tracks – so, maybe that’s why they dropped the song tags?


    I heard the same female voice that did those song tags on Star 102 on a Christian format station in the Dayton/Springfield area last weekend.


    I think WDOK sounds a lot better without the song tags.  Listeners can look up the song titles online or even use the Shazam app on their phones.


    Don’t like the new playlist all that much.


    Looking it up on Shazam or a phone is not a good idea if you’re in a car with all of the distractions as it is!


    I never liked them and always thought they sounded out of place going all the way back to when they started on Mix 106.5. I also think the female voice on Star 102 was the same one used on Mix 106.5.

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