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    Just came across Spectrum News 1 Ohio.  The anchor said it is less than a week old. Appears to be modeled after the Time Warner/Spectrum NY 1 news channel in New York. What do we know about it?  It seems to out Cincinnati, or do they have a local studio? Who’s running it? Who are the people on air? From what I have seen so far, their anchors and reporters are good, better than some on our local channels. Anchor said they will not focus on crime and violence stories. Repeats in roughly 30 minute blocks, much like the old all-news radio format clocks. Gee…just what our struggling TV operations need…another choice and another competitor for diminishing ad dollars. I did find an ad Spectrum posted on line for for reporters to be based in Cincinnati. Think It’s a union shop? (Bwaaahahahahaha!)


    I’ve seen it.

    No doubt that NY1 is the template for SN1 Ohio, but the idea of a statewide cable news network isn’t new.

    Wasn’t that long ago we had the Dispatch owned, Columbus based Ohio News Network (ONN) being aired across the state.


    It’s part of a new wave of expansion for Spectrum News–which also includes one for Kentucky (plus bordering areas of Ohio and Indiana)…


    For Ohio, the Spectrum News site (https://spectrumlocalnews.com) shows zones for Cincinnati (apparently not including Northern Kentucky), Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo.



    Spectrum News – The TV version of voice-tracking just with local news instead. My understanding a lot of it is coming from out of market reporters recording stories – I would not be surprised if they don’t have a local studio in Ohio to push out the content to their local cable systems or gather local coverage to be fed.


    A bit more digging into the News 1 want ad for Cleveland indicates they have offices and/or studios around West 3rd in downtown Cleveland. Anyone been there?


    A bit more digging into the News 1 want ad for Cleveland indicates they have offices and/or studios around West 3rd in downtown Cleveland. Anyone been there?

    Well, Time Warner/Spectrum has long had studios in town, as TWC/Spectrum Sports’ long running “More Sports and Les Levine” nightly sports chat show is broadcast from there.

    So it would be only logical that SN1 Ohio would also use that real estate as well.


    there is a facility here in Columbus, it’s interesting, it’s not located with their main facility on Olentangy Blvd.



    As a slight aside, here’s a new story about the impending launch in Wisconsin…



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