T.K. O'Grady out

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    T.K. O’Grady is out at WONE-FM in Akron.

    No reasons why or T.K.’s future…though the ratings at the longtime classic rock station had been good (I heard #1 in 25-54A for several books).

    He’d been with the station for about 20 years…maybe longer.

    Kathy Vogel returns to middays, PD Tim Daugherty to pmdrive.


    Something doesn’t sound right. Might be extenuating circumstances. In any case, wish T.K. well.


    Are you sure? He’s still listed on the station’s webpage. Usually when they get rid of someone a Soviet-style purge occurs and it’s like they’ve been erased from the universe.


    This info I was told by multiple people who have reason to know. This happened late last week.

    Not sure if it’s an illness or what. Certainly wish him only the best.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>His personal Facebook page still references being out and about at WONE appearances this past weekend and last week.</p>


    As of Sept 21st, . T.K. is still on the station’s website.

    Not sure what’s going on, but wish T.K. the very best!

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