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    Limbaugh – tired, old, boring shtick

    Beck – lost a lot of cred with constant Trump bashing in 2016

    Triv – seems to have lost a lot of creativity and edge

    Nick Camino – kind of a blowhard show

    Coast to Coast – ridiculous

    Bob Golic  – Unlistenable

    Isabella – seems to have cut down or stopped eating and checking facebook when on the air.. interesting when sticking to local topics such as The Akron Beacon Journal/ and The Plain Dealer/ stories, gets a lot of prank callers, I’m assuming a lot them calling him fat..bleeps them out usually, does not have talent to spar with them

    John Denning – meh

    WNIR morning show – cackle, yuck fest. seems to cater to the less intelligent type

    Dennis Prager – thoughtful, interesting

    Michael Medved – best part is Disagreement day and Conspiracy day

    Hugh Hewitt – has nice glasses

    Midnight trucking show – have not heard it lately, interesting show

    Really Big Show – used to listen to archives.. I refuse to pay for Land on Demand

    Tony Grossi on WKNR – very interesting to listen to

    Brian Windhorst – very knowledgable

    Cleveland Browns Daily – paid schill, homer show for the Browns, unlistenable

    Afternoon on WKNR with Emmit Golden and Jerod Chery – I used to like Jerod on Really Big Show.. don’t listen much to this show.. the first host named I find irritating

    David Mortach annuity infomercials – I cannot stand that show and how Triv schills for him… Annuities – beware

    Greg Brinda – good show

    Dr. Laura – where have you been Dr. Laura

    Leo Laporte – THE Tech Guy – very interesting show

    Kim Kommando show – decent.. not as technical as Leo Laporte

    Car Pro Show – good show for car buying tips

    Jim Albright – with Dating show – good, now, terrible

    Wheeln and Dealing with Seth Weaver.. – funny

    Indians games – borefest

    Indians pregame shows – really borefest

    Indians post game shows – who actually listens to those.. what is the point

    Memorial comments/old shows

    Joe Finan – liberal but made it interesting

    Gary Dee – king of talk radio locally

    Pete Franklin – great show

    Bruce Williams – “This is Talk Net”

    Car Talk – PBS show, – terrible.. yuck fest with horrible accents

    Howie chizek – Dean of Akron radio

    Gilly, Rick Gilmore – very funny show

    Merle Pollis – People Power

    Jeff and Flash as talk on WTAM – dreadful

    Flash on WERE – sounded like communist radio

    Bob Becker – younger version of Bob Brinker. love him on And then We Shopped and And Then we Ate

    Rich Michaels – loud.. very funny show

    Bill Randell – the music of your life.. music lives on at 91.5 FM





    Bob Becker – younger version of Joe Finan. love him on And then We Shopped and And Then we Ate

    while I am at it

    Bob Brinker – Money Talk.. allegations against him of hiding some market calls.. Used to be on WNIR I Think.. cannot find him locally..



    Add’t updates

    Handel on the Law = nice diversionary show

    Ex Brimfield Police Chief show on WNIR – never bought into that phony persona

    Quinn & Rose, The War Room – bluster

    Bill Hall – could be used to induce sleep

    Mutual Fund Show, nka Investing sense – a bit antiseptic but can learn some things.. bit heavy on them pushing their advisory services

    The Gun show on WNIR = how does this show stay on in these days?

    Dave Ramsey –  mixes in some Bible verses and comments which is nice but acts like a d’bag and jerk at times.  His big shtick is having callers do a “We’re/I’m debt free” scream.. that got tired and old after the second time I heard it, comes across often as a piece of work

    Clark Howard = pretty good show.. has some tips on saving money.. best part of show is the Clark stinks segments






    Gardening with Angelo – very informative

    Bruce Drennan – he loves us

    Alan Douglas – talk radio before talk radio was cool





    Once Glenn Beck promoted his producer(?) Stu to sidekick/second banana and turned it into a morning yukfest is when I gave up on him.  That seemed to before he went off the deep end when he starting discussing the end of the world.

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    follow up.. Art Bell just passed away.


    John Basalla

    I’ll add the WEOL AM930 Morning Show with talker Bruce Van Dyke and Newsman and talker Craig Adams at the helm.  They have entertaining and interesting audio clips, lots of local area guests, and they occasionally broadcast from one of the city’s in their broadcast area.



    Let’s take a little temperature here:

    What is the best radio talk show in Cleveland today?

    I’ll divide them up into 3 categories:
    General, Mancave, Sports

    General Talk:
    Wills & Snyder – WTAM
    Mike Trivisonno – WTAM
    Bob Frantz – WHK
    Nolan, Malone, & Kullik – WMJI

    Mancave Talk:
    Really Big Show – WKNR
    Carman & Lima – WKRK (92.3 The Fan)
    Rover – WMMS
    Alan Cox – WMMS

    Sports Talk:
    Nick Camino – WTAM
    Golden & Cherry – WKNR
    Baskin & Phelps – WKRK
    Bull & Fox – WKRK



    General – Wills and Snyder

    Mancave – Alan Cox

    Sports Talk – Baskin and Phelps



    General – Howie Chizek

    Mancave – Gilley, Rick Gilmore

    Sports – Pete Franklin

    Cars – Car Pro Show




    vjm 1….I have to take issue with your nomination of “Golden & Cherry”. I’d rather listen to Les Nessman give the farm reports and take calls from hog farmers than listen to that show.

    Funny story about Howie Chizek, though. Back in the mid 80’s I went to my parents house one off day to help my Dad do some yard stuff. We came in at like 1:30-2:00 to eat and my Mom had Howie on and he was talking about something like dangers to Presidents. I called his show and asked him if he remembered Jimmy Carter defending his rowboat in Germany from an attack by a giant rabbit. Howie berated me, inferred I was on drugs, and made numerous other disparaging remarks.

    For the rest of that last hour of his show, and the first part of Joe Finan’s show which came on after, almost all the callers backed up my recollection of Prez Carter fighting off a huge rabbit with an oar. (I had a friend, a US Army MP stationed in Germany guarding the Berlin Wall in the 70’s who’d told me stories about rabbits there the size of dogs that had no fear of humans.)

    I never knew Howie personally but knew some who did and said he was a very kind and generous person off the air. But on the air he could be a closed minded pi$$-ant, and sometimes not willing to accept provable facts.

    My favorites:

    General talk – the old Triv

    Mancave – none of the above

    Sports – Baskin & Phelps

    Side note…The woman that got Andy Baskin fired quit channel 5. Way to go WEWS. Fire a long time employee to be oh so PC…and the girl dumps you a few months later anyway.



    Another reader of my last post informed me that Prez Carter faced down the rabbit in Ga., not Germany. But I stand by what I was I told about wabbits and hares in Deutshland.



    Since most talk radio went heavy political (yawn!!!!) decades ago….have never been a huge fan of the format.

    But, have to say, I too miss the old Triv.

    And, while I didn’t listen to his entire show every day, the late Howie Chizek was a master talk show host who easily could’ve done well in much bigger markets. He chose to stay in NE Ohio. He loved it here. KMOX in St. Louis several times tried to hire him away and he kept saying no thank you.

    How do I know these things? I worked with him for 3 years at WNIR. And, he was a quiet, almost painfully shy man in person (very similar to Pete Franklin….whom I’m also proud to say was a co-worker for a short period of my on-air career).



    Is there a more boring show than the Bob Golic show?  Can’t he do something else that he may actually be good at? That show is the most boring show I ever heard.



    A couple of points…..

    Mr. Basalla….I caught a half hour of Van Dyke and agree that shows promise as a morning drive-time alternative. I’ll continue to catch more until I get a better read on it. Thank you for the heads up.

    Mr Tim 131….We probably know some of the same people. From what I heard Mr Chizek had offers from more major markets than just St. Louis. And as you said, told them “No Thanks”. He was one of us, and always wanted to stay so. Ballot issues and political races in the Portage, Summit, Stark area were often covered fairly on his show. A refreshing change from the agenda driven stuff aired on stations based in Cuyahoga County. Plus he would give time and discuss such local, VERY LOCAL issues that hardly anyone else would tolerate on their air time.

    But while I’ve never heard one single bad word about the man personally (and many, many good words), 5hrs a day before the mic made for some bad moments. Towards the end of her life my Mom used to listen to WNIR daily until she got fed up and would play music. But that was less often than not. Although my Ma really had great taste in music. So it was always interesting radio when going into her house.

    Way back when, Larry King did overnight for Mutual I think. I thought that was really good talk radio. But God, that was so long ago. And nobody on this board seems to have ever heard Long John Nebel out of NYC back in the late 60’s or later. He did mostly local, but also talked with national figures as well.

    The current state of talk radio stinks, except for sports talk. And let’s face it. There is WAY too much of that on both the local and national level. Sports talk, I mean. There are guys who probably got KILLED by girls in 6th grade gym class dodge ball telling people THEIR supposedly expert opinion about whatever….

    I still believe the talent is out there. It just needs a chance.


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