The Annual WPAM 1450 Back-on-the-air Post

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    ‘They’re baaaack’.

    I heard ’em a few days ago on a job in Saint Clair. And this morning, they’re playing their unique mix of AoR.

    They sound full-power, or at least a lot closer to it than that borderline Talking House signal they were transmitting for the longest while a year or so back.

    Well, at least it’s music of some sort on the radio. Their presence gives us a pretty nice upper-AM band selection: WLSH 1410 Oldies, WPAM’s Classic Rock on 1450, WAZL’s modern Country on 1490 and WWSM’s traditional country on 1510. Can’t ask for much more than that even on the FM dial of a major market.


    Steve: I’ve never heard the elusive WPAM – so when I read your post I had to try it. No dice though, even out in the rain with the PL-880 barefoot (the radio, not me.)

    On 1450, I heard what sounded like a barely perceptible mix of three stations that totaled 3dBµ on the signal display. For comparison, 1440 WCDL Carbondale (Fox Sports “The Game”) was 22dBµ with 5kw at more than 30 miles, 1460 WGMF (one of nine Gem 104s) was extremely weak at 6dBµ, 1470 WSAN Allentown (more Fox Sports) read 10-14dBµ as another 1470 was beating with it about 2Hz away. venerable 1490 WAZL Hazleton with Classic Country came in at 18dBµ. No WWSM again. Bummer. -Curt


    They are indeed back! This past weekend, I was tuning the dial to 1410 WLSH only to find a very powerful 1450AM forcing it’s way in with the Beatles followed by Pink Flord, Metallica, and Rod Stewart.

    Once again they are just playing music and no breaks for call letters or commercials. Hopefully, this becomes something and WPAM will remain alive again.

    I must say that the signal is incredible. I am about 6 miles from the station and it seems to have the same strength of neighboring 1360 WPPA. Needless to say, I have 1450AM on my radio again with the hopes of a positive future for this station!


    Steve: I was finally able to dig WPAM out of the graveyard rumble. Of several talk-intensive stations competing, I was only able to ID “News-Talk 1450” WKIP Poughkeepsie, NY until just now (pre-sunset) the 70s-80s hits came wafting out of the mix. As you said, no liners or other identifying elements. It had to be the elusive PAM! -Curt


    Lol, Curt ….. you’d figure that with DXers being the only listeners to these GY stations, they’d ID more often.

    So I guess *not* hearing a music station ID justifiably counts as an ID.

    A few days ago, a midweek day, about 1PM, they were going through every gosh-darned overplayed AoR anthem ever from the mid-Seventies ….. ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’ …. ‘All Along The Watchtower’ by Hendrix ….. ‘Piano Man’ …… ‘Werewolves of London’ ….. ‘L.A. Woman’ ……
    I and this gal with whom I was painting a deck suggested that WPAM’s new try at a format centers around rockers who died or who have no hair left in 2014.

    It seems they’ve stopped using the Phoenix 1450 imaging, though, or at least for the spree of :45 minutes we had them on. They seemed to be using some mP3s of man-on-the-street voicers to separate songs, with just the calls WPAM.

    I’d been to WPAM a few times, just visiting. The station building reminds me a lot of the one used by Long Island’s WGLI ; very similar architecture. The jocks and staff at WPAM were terrific — really good people — and seemed to appreciate the visit.
    They had to scrounge a bit among the carts and CDs, but found my request and played it maybe :15 mins later (the 45 edit of ‘Go Down Gamblin’).
    The station is about as modern and high-tech as a Salvation Army clothing and shoes dumpster, but I really wish them well.


    WPAM is back on the air. I believe at full power. There is a new general manager, and progress is being made. I voice some of their station IDS. I worked there from 1973 to 1978 and then left radio. I retired in 2010, two careers, military then the state. I started working on a classic hits show in 2012 in hopes of syndicating it, and tomorrow, 9/27/2014, it will air for the first time on terrestrial radio, on WPAM from 10 am til 12 n. I hope Vintage Gold Classics will help them grow back into a meaningful part of the Skook Culture (Schuylkill County) Their new general manager is Gloria Alexander, 101 N Centre Street, Pottsville, PA, 17901. 570-621-7369.


    Looks like the Phoenix 1450 is off the air again. Radio- locator has it listed as a Off- air station now. I guess only time will tell if the Phoenix makes another return to the airwaves.


    Yessir, Hotsauce. Through casual listening here (which gets more and more casualer as the months drop off the calendar) there has been no sign of them through the late summer 2015.
    They’re usually the third-loudest AM station here, with WPPA 1360 and WEEU 830 Reading finishing win and place.

    In the 20-plus years I’ve lived here, WPAM has sent some good, timely programming swerves and outright flips passing through their tower on Lawton’s Hill. Some of the format changes also were reactive. But everyone at WPAM with whom I spoke or ever met was a friendly person.

    There has to be room in radio for premises and instincts such as theirs.

    Shouldn’t there be? Isn’t there ……. ?


    FCC is no longer amused with the “let’s turn it on once a year to keep the license” bit.
    They will take a very hard look at this if someone complains or it catches the eye of the right person at the Commission.


    The Station went Dark on 25 July, one day after the General Manager sent an email to all affiliates that the station would be going dark in order to upgrade equipment. They estimated they would be off about 8 weeks (19 Sep) They have not come back on. Last report I got was there was no progress, and they will be off “A Long Time” What a shame.

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