Tigers baseball could return to WJR 760 after 16 years!

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    And I’ll just add this to answer a previous complaint: as a rule, RadioInsight and its predecessors have welcomed local TV conversation on local radio boards.

    No, not discussion of “Survivor” or “American Idol”, but about local TV stations and their personalities.

    As a participant, I welcome such things. For one, even if you don’t follow local TV, many personalities have radio backgrounds, or vice versa, or skip back and forth between the two.

    I don’t speak for RadioInsight or even for this Cleveland board on this forum, though it is “powered” by OMW…I am not a moderator or staffer here. We get here because we’re part of the RadioInsight Content Network.

    So what I’m saying here is…listen to Scott. 😀


    Getting back to the subject of this thread….Without the late great Ernie Harwell at the mike, Tiger baseball is tough to listen to.


    It’s OK to have differing opinions. We all have ’em. But, not OK to get nasty. There’s enough of that meanness in our society in general, IMHO.


    I think The Tigers broadcasters today are pretty decent. Nobody exactly replaces Ernie Harwell though..


    I’m originally from metro Detroit, so I’d love to be able to hear Tigers games on the radio again. Here in North Ridgeville, I can barely get 97.1 the Ticket, as Mix 97.1 puts a clear signal in my car out to the 71-480 interchange. Sometimes I can get it (and a lot of other Detroit stations) deeper into the area with proper tropo conditions


    I can reply to existing topics, but can no longer find a place to create a topic (want to post about the passing of a former co-worker, Chuck Collins).


    We now know the answer to the thread topic. It’s Not Happening.

    Detroit Free Press story: http://www.freep.com/story/sports/2015/10/12/detroit-tigers-red-wings-ticket/73809282/


    That’s too bad. I’m a Detroit native too and would love to have them available without streaming. I really thought Greater Media would throw money at them to get them on 105.1.


    This outcome was pretty obvious.

    If Cumulus ever had a chance, that chance evaporated faster than their collapsed stock price. The company is in a literal death spiral and destined for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Greater Media had no shot as they are tied to the Pistons, and putting the games on sister WRIF wouldn’t have been realistic. And iHeartMedia? Please. The lights at WDFN were turned off years ago.

    That left CBS and WXYT-FM, and quite frankly, CBS was bidding against itself.

    Recorded in Ultra Stereo, the ultimately superior cousin to Normal Stereo!


    I only said they could return to WJR 760. It is obvious now it won’t happen. I’m sure some in Ohio would have loved a return, but it is a new day and age in media and radio broadcasting.

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