Time compression on WGY

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    Listening to Coast-To-Coast…. for awhile now WGY has been running time compression to squeeze in an extra spot or two per half hour.  It’s actually ironic since they cant sell all the spots overnight and just load em up with promos or PSA’s. Whatever. I assume the broadcast clock architecture they’ve set up is the same for every hour of the day and nobody wants to mess with it.
    But it’s fairly annoying when bumper music plays. Very audible and artifact filled. Also amusing, as other stations tend to be 30-60 seconds ‘ahead’ of WGY when C-To-C is on and the difference in audio quality is like night and day.
    I suppose it’s just another reason to tune to 840 – they still carry Clyde Lewis instead of the unlistenable Ben Shapiro Show, and they broadcast C-To-C unaltered.


    WGY does the same thing during Rush and Sean in the afternoon, extra commercials are dropped in.   Listen to the shows on WOR and compare with what is on WGY.

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