"To the Point" to end broadcast run

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    With Warren Olney deciding to step away from daily hosting, the KCRW-produced/PRI-distributed show will end in November.  It’ll essentially be replaced by a weekly podcast–although Mr. Olney may also be doing a few other things, such as live events.  At this point, there’s no specific word on a replacement on KCRW; however, it will likely be a news or talk program.  (My hunch, though, is that the new show wouldn’t be picked up immediately by PRI.)


    KCRW’s ‘To the Point’ will end broadcast run



    They may just give Madeline Brand a second hour and tailor it for a possible national pickup.  However, between “1A,” “On Point,” “The Takeaway,” Terry Gross, “Here and Now” and “q”–and “BBC NewsHour”–there are already more than enough daytime shows for stations to air between “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered”–there may not really be room for another show.

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