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    Will anyone notice the difference between Amp and Today?

    Between the changes at WMMR, Ben-FM,  WOGL, and now 96.5 I think we’ve seen more activity the last two months then we’ve seen the last two years.


    There have been format and frequency changes at WRNB, WPPZ, and WPHI all in the past 4 months.


    What’s with all the stations now using “generic” style handles?  Today?  Radio 103.9 in NY? Yawn. Seems to be a trend.


    In PPM markets, broadcasters don’t need to rely on people remembering what stations they listened to during the week, instead they have the PPM recording what they listen to… so recall and branding is not QUITE as important (but you still want to make sure people know what station they’re listening to so they tune back in again.)


    But for purely ratings reasons… it’s not as important in PPM markets to have a catchy name for people to remember.


    I would still think marketing and word of mouth would be one of the main ways to promote your station.  A billboard with “Radio 104.5” on it really doesn’t sell anything.  Or telling your friend about the new radio station you found would be a lot easier remembering and saying “Q102” than “Radio 102.1”


    Any thoughts about whether they should go after MoreFM with Chris McCoy?


    Not if it’s a purely nostalgia play,  no.


    Not sure what you mean by nostalgia play.  If they are targeting More’s audience, why not go in with the big guns?


    I don’t see how bringing in someone who was last heard…how many years has it been now?….and at best will have appeal to the upper end of the audience if at all is going to be beneficial if the motivation is to have him for a name that once was on the air in Philly. If he can do a show and do it well in a way that fits what the station needs and he’s the best available candidate, go for it. But reminding people, “Hey, remember that guy from B101 back when we played Gloria Estefan and Taylor Dane all the time? We’ve got him,” then no, that’s not going to work.

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