Tri-County Pirates

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    Pirate activity:

    The FCC busted a bunch of stations, going back to July 2017 to August 2017

    Vilnord Simon at 103.1 MHz in North Miami, Fla. They inferred with WUGR-LPFM 103.1 on a tower at Calder Casino.

    Lake Worth, Wilner Lundi of Lake Worth was fined for operating pirates radio on 91.5 MHz and 104.7 MHz. He ignored the NAL’s as well.

    Simon and Lundi were fined $15 k each. Both ignored the NAL’s (Notice of Apprarent Liability for Forfeitures) issued to them.

    — Then there was another illegal station at 88.7 was interfering with 88.9 WDNA. Don’t know the deets on that one.

    — West Palm Beach, inside a house, was 107.3 owned by Jean Amilcar.

    — Fort Lauderdale, the FCC busted 101.1 set up in a home owned by Roger Bailery.

    Amilcar and Bailery weren’t fined, but ordered to power down immediately. (I bet they didn’t)

    The rest on the list of the FCC’s “Notices of Unlicensed Operation” sent out:

    89.5 Miami FL – Cameron ‘DJ Fresh’ Brown

    89.5 Miami Gardens FL – Reginald C. Brooks & Geneveive Brooks

    90.1 Oakland Park FL – Jean Carries

    94.7 West Palm Beach FL – Michael Palache

    98.1 Miami FL – Jemima Jean Lucas

    98.5 Pompano Beach FL – Venette Innocent

    99.5 & 100.3 Oakland Park FL – Joseph Alcide Baguidy

    101.1 North Lauderdale FL – Audrian White

    101.1 North Lauderdale FL – Roger Bailey

    107.3 West Palm Beach FL – Jean Amilcar

    And these are just in the tri-country area. The Florida numbers are crazy, something like 1,600 pirates were fined or served across the state.

    Info came from Inside Radio and Radio Insight reports.



    The actions on Jean Amilcar of West Palm Beach and Roger Bailey (noted on first post):

    The actions on Vilnord Simon (noted on first post):

    And the South Florida Pirates just keep on coming . . . Chairmen Ajit Pai and Thomas Wheeler are kicking butt!

    add to the list

    101.7 & 87.9 Lauderdale Lakes – Wilifrid Salomon

    From Radio Ink:

    “The FCC has sent letters to Wilifrid Salomon in Florida and Robin Dunham in Illinois. Salomon of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, was cited for operating an illegal radio station from his residence at 101.7 in August and September, and 87.9 in November.”

    Full story:


    97.7 Miami – Brindley Marshall

    98.7 Miami – Robenson Thermitus

    From Radio Ink:

    “Brindley Marshall and Robenson Thermitus were given 10 days to respond to the FCC about why they were operating illegal radio stations out of their homes. Marshall is accused of operating a pirate station at 97.7 FM and Thermitus was caught operating at 98.7.”

    Full story (with links to FCC notices):


    101.1 FM North Lauderdale – Rochisnel Jerome & Lydie Toussaint

    88.7 FM Lake Worth – Garfield Smith

    88.7 FM Lake Worth – Pauline Ferguson

    (Two pirates fighting over the same frequency? Love it!)

    97.7 FM Fort Lauderdale – “New Wave, LLC”

    From Radio Ink:

    “Garfield Smith was told by the Commission to put a halt to his illegal station on 88.7-FM emanating from a residential property on S.E. St. in Lake Worth, Florida. Pauline Ferguson also from Lake Worth was notified she was operating a pirate station at 88.7-FM from a residential property she was renting on Carver St. in Lake Worth.

    NEWAVE LLC in Fort Lauderdale is caught operating a pirate station at 97.7-FM at a residential property on NW 12th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Public records show ONEWAVE LLC as the property owner.

    And Rochisnel Jerome and Lydie Toussaint in North Lauderdale, Florida are nabbed operating an illegal station at 101.1-M at a residential property on SW 83rd Ave. in North Lauderdale, Florida.”

    Full story:


    100.3 FM Oakland Park – Tracy & Gerard Peters

    101.1 FM Miami – Clairelia & Walter St. Fleur and Sylvie Grand-Pierre

    From Radio Ink:

    “Tracy and Gerard Peters in Oakland Park, Florida, were nabbed operating a pirate station on 100.3 at their house in Oakland Park and also have 10 days to get back to the Commission.

    Clairelia and Walter St. Fleur and Sylvie Grand-Pierre of Miami were notified about a pirate station they were running on 101.1 MHz from a residential property on NE Miami Ct. in Miami.”

    The church pastor is Massachusetts, however, is a real twist…at least he told the truth.

    Full story (with links to warning letters):


    101.9 FM & 107.3 FM Miami – Sergio Plasencia

    From Radio Ink:

    “The Commission says Sergio Plasencia has been operating illegal radio stations in Miami on 101.9 MHz and 107.3 MHz.”

    Full story:


    89.1 FM & 102.1 Fort Lauderdale – Kendall Maxime

    (inside a church, of all places. It’s for “God,” so it’s okay to break federal law and defy “Satan,” aka the FCC).

    From Radio Ink:

    “The FCC Enforcement Bureau has issued a notice of apparent liability for $15,000 to a Florida pastor for operating an unlicensed broadcast on 89.1 and 102.1 FM in Broward County. The bureau says Kender Maxime was warned that operating the stations was illegal and that he could face further enforcement action, but disregarded those warnings.”

    Full story:









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