TRN Radio Network Defunct?

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    There have been no program feeds from the TRN radio network since Friday.  Radio stations who carried the Talk Network Radio shows have been scrambling to find replacements.

    While not a single word has been mentioned on the big Industry websites, verified reports are that TRN was pulled off the Westwood One satellite for non-payment.  There are several area stations that carry TRN shows, including WHK and WNIR.  WNIR has temporarily replaced TRN evening shows it carries when Jim Isabella fills in for John Denning with a live show hosted by Bill Hall.  Other stations are reported to be simulcasting their sister music FM stations.  There are rumors that TRN is bankrupt and this may be related to the ongoing legal battle between TRN, Cumulus and Westwood One.  But not a word on All Access, or this site.  There is nothing on the TRN homepage, but click the “listen now” link, and it is silent.

    What’s up, Tiger Lily?


    I can’t speak for others, but it has been impossible to confirm anything from TRN’s side. Apparently the TRN stream on its own site (which hasn’t been updated since September 2016) has been down for months though.

    I did tweet this out on Saturday though:

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