True Oldies 95.9 is no more

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    Vic Latino Splits From JVC Broadcasting; Acquires West Palm Beach Station

    Vic Latino leaving JVC and talking 960 WSUV and two translators at 95.9 and 106.9 with him. I wonder what format he will come up with, considering that JVC’s old 93.5 The Bar is NOW Revolution 93.5 and doing dance electronica, which I guess is in the same ballpark as the format’s he’s noted for. That leaves JVC only with the brokered catch-all, 900 AM The Talk. I did notice that recently, even 95.9 True Oldies was beginning to broker airtime as well for survival.  95.9 was the oldies/nostalgia outlet the Palm, but JVC dumped it and moved True Oldies from 93.5 to 95.9 when they sold 93.5 to Revolution/Zoo Communications.

    ****The article cut n’ pasted*****

    Vic ‘Latino’ Canales is exiting JVC Broadcasting and taking Oldies “True Oldies 95.9/106.9” 960 WSVU North Palm Beach FL with him.

    Canales will exchange his 151,110.94 Class A and 212,500 Class B membership units of
    JVC valued at $301,110.95 for WSVU and translators 95.9 W240CI North Palm Beach and 106.9 W295BJ Jupiter. His stock will be split evenly between the other JVC investors including CEO John Caracciolo, Paul R. Homer & Jana E. Homer, Janet LePorin & Dennis LePorin, Patrick Caracciolo, and James G. Schiff.

    Canales previously worked on-air at “Party 105” WPTY Long Island, “Party 95.3” WPYO Orlando, 103.5 WKTU New York, and XM Satellite Radio prior to returning to Long Island in 2007 to launch “98.5 La Fiesta” WBON for what would become JVC in 2007.

    JVC Broadcasting was formed in 2008 with the purchase of WBON and WPTY. The company later expanded in that market and into Gainesville, Orlando, and West Palm Beach FL as well as briefly operating five stations in Atlantic City NJ. Following the divestment of WSVU, JVC will retain four stations on Long Island, three in Gainesville FL, one in Orlando, and one in Belle Glade FL.


    From the November 16th “Deal Digest” at Inside Radio

    West Palm Beach-Baca Raton, FL – JVC Media co-founder Vic Canales, in a pair of deals worth a combined $751,111, sells his ownership position in the company. Canales—better known by his on-air name “Vic Latino”—has filed a deal to swap his stake in the nine-year old company for a trio of signals. Canales will exchange shares worth a combined $450,000 for oldies WSVU (960) and two translators: the North Palm Beach, FL-licensed translator W240CI at 95.5 FM and the Jupiter, FL-licensed translator W295BJ at 106.9 FM. Together the three signals are branded as “True Oldies Channel 95.9-106.9.” And in a second piece of the deal Canales will sell his remaining stake in the company to JVC Media’s other partners for $301,111 cash. Canales will operate the stations under a local marketing agreement until closing. He’ll remain chief operating officer at JVC Media. Once the exchange closes JVC Media will still own “900 The Talk” WSWN in the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton market.

    From the Radio and Business Report, November 13th

    An asset purchase agreement dated Oct. 24, filed with the FCC on Monday (11/13), has confirmed that Vic Canales has relinquished his Class A and Class B shares in JVC Media. In exchange, Canales is gaining control of a Class B AM serving Palm Beach County, Fla., and its two associated FM translators.

    Canales is better-known by his stage name, Vic Latino. From 2002-2007, he was a member of the air staff at WKTU-FM 103.5 in New York. He later worked at XM Satellite Radio, before teaming with John Caracciolo in founding JVC Media.

    Now, Caracciolo and Canales are ending their business partnership, with Canales surrendering his 151,110.94 Class A shares and 212,500 Class B shares to JVC.

    The parties agree that the value of the assets is $450,000 and that Canales’ relinquished stock is valued at $2.82353 per unit.

    In return, Canales is getting WSVU-FM 960, licensed to North Palm Beach, Fla. WSVU operates with 2.4kw during daylight hours and 1.4kw at night, from two towers.

    Boosting WSVU are W240CI at 95.9 MHz in North Palm Beach, and W295BJ at 106.9 MHz in Jupiter. By listener demand, the three signals took on “The True Oldies Channel” syndicated Classic Hits format after JVC in May sold WBGF-FM 93.5 in Belle Glade, Fla., to Anco Media Group, owner of EDM-flavored “Revolution” stations WZFL-FM 93.5 in Islamorada, Fla., and two co-channel translators serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

    Now, True Oldies may truly be gone from the Palm Beaches, as Canales will likely change the programming for WSVU and its translators upon closing of this transaction. The new licensee will be Vic Canales Media Group.

    An LMA is already in play giving Canales control of the signals.

    From All

    JVC MEDIA OF SOUTH FLA, LLC is swapping Oldies WSVU-A (TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL) and W240CI/NORTH PALM BEACH, FL and W295BJ/JUPITER, FL to “VIC LATINO” CANALES’ VIC CANALES MEDIA GROUP, LLC for 159,375 of CANALES’ 212,500 Class B membership units of JVC MEDIA, LLC plus an LMA before closing; the deal is valued at $450,000. CANALES is also selling the rest of his membership units (including 151,110.94 Class A shares as well as the Class B shares) to JVC partners JOHN CARACCIOLO, PAUL R. HOMER and JANA E. HOMER, JANET LEPORIN and DENNIS LEPORIN, PATRICK CARACCIOLO, and JAMES G. SCHIFF for $301,110.95.



    According to the Tom Taylor newsletter:

    News regarding JVC’s old WBGF 93.5 FM . . . .

    The FCC is asked to approve 100% Italian ownership of Florida’s “Revolution” stations.
    After all, the agency’s okayed an Australian couple owning 100% of stations in Alaska and the Texarkana market, and there’s an application by two Mexican citizens to have 100% of stations near Phoenix and Bakersfield (November 22 NOW) – so why not clear Marco Mazzoli and his partners to acquire the rest of two FMs and two translators? Along with the application to take full control of Zoo Communications, there’s a request for declaratory ruling with some great stories. Marco was born in Milan, moved to the U.S. as a youngster and then went back to Italy, where he’s a big star on “lo Zoo di 105” (the 105 Zoo), with 2.8 million fans on Facebook, a producer of TV shows and an author of three best-selling books. He now resides in Miami and programs the dance-formatted “Revolution” stations owned by Zoo – and the Anco Media Group he’s part of wants to buy Zoo. Its signals are all on 93.5, from Florida Keys WZFL Islamorada (a C2) up through translators in Miami (W288BY) and Ft. Lauderdale (W228BV) and into northern Florida (WBGF Belle Glade, a C3). Anco would pay the departing Zoo Communications shareholders $1 million.


    From Todays Radio Insight, more details expanding on Tom Taylor’s report:


    Station Sales Week Of 12/1: An Italian Dance Revolution In South Florida

    “ANCO Media Group is petitioning the FCC to allow its group of Italian citizens to purchase Zoo Communications and its Dance “Revolution 93.5” network of 93.5 WBGF Belle Glade, 93.5 WZFL Islamorada, 93.5 W228BV Fort Lauderdale, and 93.5 W228BY Miami FL from Zoo Communications for $1 million. Claudio Dompe and Marco Mazzoli would each own a 40% stake of the company, while Dompe’s daughter Claudia Dompe and Mazzoli’s wife Stefania Pittaluga would each hold 10% stakes. Mazzoli serves as General Manager and host on the station and is known as “The Howard Stern of Italy” where he hosts “The Zoo” on the Radio 105 network. Claudio Dompe currently holds a 20% stake in Zoo Communications.”


    So what is going on at JVC Broadcasting’s WSWN 900 AM “The Talk of the Palm Beaches” and WSVU 960 AM (translated at W240CI at 95.9 FM and W295BJ, at 106.9 FM)?  Anyone have intel or input?

    Tuned in this morning to 900 AM to hear the Don Imus Hour . . . and instead, they were back to that “old time religion,” running some black gospel talk and music programming (shades of the old Sugar 900; obviously one of the old Sugar clients bought some time) . . . now, the Brian Kilmeade and Friends syndicated programming is gone and they’re running/duping Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel.

    Meanwhile, over on 960 AM (and on 106.9/95.9) instead of the True Oldies Channel running yesterday afternoon at four . . . some brokered program about consumer auto issues; fixing and repair and purchasing cars was running.  The host went on about “their old home/station was sold and we’ve moved from 900 AM and we are now part of the 95.9 and 106.9 family . . . .”

    Now, this morning….960 AM and 900 AM are BOTH running the True Oldies Channel.

    I can’t believe that Vic Latino, the new “owner” of 960/10639/95.9 would be into brokered programming…considering his great reputation and success in the dance/party formats.  I really thought it would flip to some type of localized music programming. But it seems … as part of the “deal” between JVC and VIC CANALES MEDIA GROUP, LLC is that all the brokered programming from 900 AM moved over to 960 AM (and 106.9/95.9).

    Does this mean that JVC is going to flip 900 AM from “The Talk of the Palm Beaches” to being a “True Oldies Channel” affiliate? Does this mean that 960 AM is just going to become another buck-a-hollar brokered outlet? So much for JVC’s shouts of “being live and local and making radio fun again.”  So goes the life of AM radio.

    Their social media platforms are waaay out of date and not being updated for quite sometime. Still has posts about Dia Ryan and Gerrald Campbell who haven’t been with the stations for at least a year, if not longer.

    I guess something will break by Christmas and we will see what both stations have planned . . . . to be continued.


    Well,  it took three years but JVC Broadcasting throws in the towel in South Florida.  After selling off WBGF 93.5 (now Revolution 93.5 and it seems soon to be owned by an Italian-based non-U.S company) and Vic Latino getting 960/959.9/106.9 in his JVC-depature deal, JVC has ditched their “live and local” (read: network and brokered programming) as “The Talk of the Palm Beaches” and are back to being a 24 hours brokered good ‘ol fire n’ brimstone gospel music n talk as Sugar 900 . . . .

    So WSWN is right back to where it started when JVC bought it back in September 2014: brokered black gospel.  It seems that the 900 AM business and entertainment talk programs moved over to 960/95.9/106.9 which is run by Vic ‘Latino’ Canales under the Vic Canales Media Group umbrella.  If that is temporary or permanent, who knows. Industry speculators say TOC will exit West Palm Beach.

    Got to note: the oldies and brokered talk mix of 960 at this time is exactly what was doing as “Seaview 960” back in September 2014: oldies during the week-brokered talk at nights and weekends.

    As for the web stream/content: 960 AM and 900 AM are both running the True Oldies Channel for the time being, with 960 breaking out for their “live” brokered talk programming, with TOC filling out the unsold airtime on 960.


    So, JVC is leaving West Palm Beach. They sold WSWN 900 AM. It seemed at first they would keep the station, and they were brokering off the airtime to whomever was behind bringing back the black gospel format of Sugar 900.

    R.I’s report: “JVC Media sells Talk 900 WSWN Belle Glade FL to James Leger’s Sugar Broadcasting for $125,000. The buyer began operating WSWN via LMA on December 5 and flipped the station back to its previous Gospel “Sugar 900” identity that it had until JVC acquired it in 2014.”

    From the Radio and Television Business Report: “A Class D AM radio station surrounded by Florida’s sugar cane fields near Lake Okeechobee has a long history of broadcasting. It’s seen several owners, and identities, and was most recently branded as “The Talk of the Palm Beaches” in attempt to draw listening from Palm Beach County instead of the small towns surrounding this facility’s tower.

    Now, this Belle Glade, Fla., AM in existence since October 1947 is trading hands. The “Sugar”-sweet transaction is the deal of the day for RBR+TVBR‘s TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

    For many years, WSWN-AM 900 was known as “Sugar 900,” airing an R&B and Gospel presentation targeting African Americans in Hendry and Okeechobee Counties, in addition to portions of Palm Beach County.

    In September 2014, JVC Broadcasting acquired WSWN along with then-FM companion WBGF-FM 93.5 in Belle Glade from BGI Broadcasting.

    No price was revealed in that transaction, which saw Eddie Esserman of Media Services Group’s Saint Simons Island, Ga., office represent JVC.

    Under JVC, WSWN’s 1kw daytime signal and 22-watt nighttime signal were marketed to listeners between Boca Raton and Jupiter, which can easily tune to the station in the car. WSWN’s signal also reaches most of Broward and Martin Counties. Alas, JVC was ultimately unsuccessful in drawing listeners in large numbers to WSWN.

    Now, it is selling the station to Sugar Broadcasting, a Florida corporation led by President Sylna Leger Bazile, for $125,000. A $25,000 escrow deposit has been made to JVC, led by President John Caracciolo. The company could return WSWN to “Sugar 900,” although there’s no confirmation of such a move.

    Serving as JVC’s broker in this deal is Doyle Hadden of Hadden & Associates. Representing JVC as legal counsel in this transaction is Francisco Montero of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth.”

    From All Access: “In other filings with the FCC, JVC MEDIA OF SOUTH FLA, LLC is selling Gospel WSWN-A (SUGAR 900)/BELLE GLADE, FL to SYLNA LEGER-BRAZILE’s SUGAR BROADCASTING, INC. for $125,000 plus an LMA before closing.  The buyer took over the station’s programming on DECEMBER 1st and flipped the format from News-Talk.  A separate application for the transfer of an FM translator proposed for rebroadcasting WSWN is contemplated.”

    Personal Note: WSWN has in fact, flipped to Sugar 900. They are running sweepers and drops and Hour ID’s that market them as Sugar 900. I’ve heard church talk and gospel music. They have a morning show with Church Boy from 6 to 10..who was their morning guy before the JVC purchase three years ago.

    Will they take the 95.9 or 106.9 translator from Vic Latino?  Probably 106.9, since it is the weaker signal of the two.  What is up with 95.9/960 and if it keeps the TOC format with a brokered talk mix is anyone’s guess…but it is right back to where it was before as Seaview 960 (with no translator): oldies music during the day, brokered talk at night and weekends.

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