Ty Hardin of Bronco dead at 87

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    Bill Recto



    “Bronco” had an interesting history.

    It premiered in 1958 under the name of “Cheyenne” after the show’s star, Clint Walker, walked out on the show’s producers (Warner Brothers). According to Brooks and Marsh, Walker left because he didn’t want to turn over half of his earnings from personal appearances to Warner’s and also didn’t want to have to make records only for Warner’s record label. Ty Hardin’s character of Bronco Layne became the new central character in the show.

    In 1959, Walker returned to “Cheyenne”, but Hardin’s show continued, re-titled after his character (“Bronco”). “Bronco” then alternated with another Warner Brothers Western series, “Sugarfoot” (which starred Will Hutchins).

    In the 1960/61 season, “Bronco” and “Sugarfoot” alternated with “Cheyenne” in the same timeslot “Sugarfoot” was canceled in 1961, leaving “Bronco” to alternate with “Cheyenne” during the 1961/62 season before “Bronco” also got cancelled, leaving “Cheyenne” to run as a weekly series for the 1962/63 season.

    The 1962/63 TV season was the only one that “Cheyenne” ran as a weekly series; “Cheyenne” began as one of three rotating series on “Warner Brothers Presents” in 1955 and had run every second or third week until the Fall of 1962. But by then, “Cheyenne”‘s ratings had plunged and the show got cancelled at the end of 1962.

    Had Clint Walker not walked-out of “Cheyenne” in 1958, would “Bronco” have ever seen the light of day?? And would Ty Hardin have ever become a star??

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