Utah to Restrict Non-Compete Clauses in Broadcast Journalism

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    Utah Governor Signs Non-Compete Bill Into Law

    In the articles this article talks about Non-Compete Clause contracts being banned in Utah and they talk about TV Talent contracts in the article. Note I see this at some point the policy would have to go national.

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Gov. Gary Herbert has signed a law restricting the use of non-compete agreements in broadcast journalism.

    Herbert’s office announced Tuesday that he signed the measure, which bars broadcasters from using non-compete contracts for employees earning less than $47,500 a year.

    The state’s major TV stations opposed the measure, arguing that they invested thousands of dollars in the promotion and development of on-air personalities.

    Several of their employees, including reporters, spoke out in favor of the measure, saying non-compete clauses force them to move out of Utah in order to find a better paying job.

    Non-compete contracts, which prevent employees from going to work for a competitor for a prescribed period of time, cannot be longer than one year under Utah law.

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