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    Back in 1965, Jonny Quest moved from Friday night to Thursday night, airing at the same time as The Munsters. I wanted to watch Jonny, my 3 older brothers wanted to watch The Munsters. Guess who won?


    Skiwest recalled

    Back in 1965, “Jonny Quest” moved from Friday night to Thursday night, airing at the same time as “The Munsters”. I wanted to watch Jonny, my 3 older brothers wanted to watch The Munsters. Guess who won?

    If you had one TV set, maybe your parents “won” by watching “Daniel Boone” on NBC! 🙂


    I regularly used two TV’s to watch two TV shows at the same time:
    ACC games and “China Beach”(1988-1990)
    “On Scene: Emergency Response” and “Hee Haw”(1990-1993)
    the NBC Monday Night Movie and “Monday Night Football” on ABC(1985-1997)
    ACC games and “Wide World Of Sports”(1985-1998)
    sometimes though it was hard to follow the dialogue on “China Beach” at the same time as a basketball game though or the voices of the rescue workers on “On Scene” at the same time as lets say Holly Dunn singing on “Hee Haw” for example I usually kept one show a lower volume than the other one


    Me and my mom sometimes argue whether to watchin Loving the soap opera on ABC or Scrabble the game show on NBC. Most of the time, the soap opera won out, because my mom liked to watch the ABC soaps. Later on, Scrabble got moved to 10:00, so that ended the disputes about either show.


    We do have a viewing conflict as of June 14th, 2017 BBC News and Sky News are going wall to wall with the tower fire in the UK.
    But in the USA we have CBS News going wall to wall with a mass shooting in Virginia where one of the victims is a member of Congress.




    Update al the Network O&O’s in San Francisco are now pre-empting Network News in Virginia over a mass shooting for a San Francisco Mass Shooting at the UPS Building.


    By this time we had two TVs but when my parents and I stayed in the same motel room, when “Hee Haw” was on, so was “Lawrence Welk”.  Now people who know me know I would like the music on either, and there were eventually going to be reruns of the “Hee Haw” episode, but “Hee Haw” was funnier.

    Wow. More years have gone by since “Hee Haw” was cancelled than had gone by since its debut when it was cancelled.



    Mt grandparents would always watch Hee Haw; they never watched Lawrence Welk. Of course they were from the mountains, so they’d liked Hee Haw better.


    One time, my grandmom was watching her “story,” The Doctors(soap opera) and a kid came to her house and wanted her to change the channel from The Doctors to The New Mickey Mouse Club.  She objected, since she was watching her “story,” The Doctors! Talk about putting someone down who didn’t want to watch a soap opera!






    One time me and my big brother was driving our dad’s old Buick through Kansas and I got the hankering to watch People’s Court. We stopped at this old farm house and walked to the door and asked if we could come in and watch People’s Court. The farm wife said no. Her kids was watching  My Little Pony. She said “vamoose” and slammed the door in our faces. She must of called the cops cause a couple miles down the road we was pulled over and pistol whipped and they broke the old Buick’s tail lights out. But when we got to the emergency room People’s Court was still on the emergency room TV so it was all okay in the end.

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