WAGL 1560 AM

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    I saw this today on AllAccess.com

    “And PALMETTO BROADCASTING SYSTEM, INC.’s license for WAGL-A/LANCASTER, SC has been cancelled at the licensee’s request; owner LEN PHILLIPS passed away in SEPTEMBER 2014.”

    Johnny Caudle (wxcaudle)


    Did the owner’s estate not try to sell it? 50kw AM license should have been worth something, even if it was only a daytimer.


    It’s an AM out in the middle of nowhere so maybe that’s why.


    A daytime only AM misses out on the holy grail of AM revenue. Play by Play sports. He should have applied for an expanded band station the day they started offering them. I guess he did not have the where with all to do it.

    He also was using a Harris MW-50 which was not the most efficient box in the world. I remember him asking WBT for help when he had trouble with it. BT had two MW-50s at the time. A new solid state rig would have paid for itself in a few years in power bill alone. A new tube for the Harris wasn’t cheap either…

    With WLCM long gone (World’s Largest Cotton Mill) Lancaster has no local radio. That is a shame. My Dad spent a number of years at LCM. Was working there when he met Mom. He went back for a short time in the 70s to learn the ropes of operating a small station before buying his own. First place I ever cued up a record. I hated to see it go…



    Hard for me to think of the MW-50 as being old and inefficient but you’re right, ’70’s technology.

    Part of the demise of local radio can probably be traced to the reduction in local business owners to buy time on stations. The price we pay for having big box stores. Let’s not forget the Charlotte FM’s cover the area quite nicely.

    It might interest you to know that I know a guy who could hear WAGL in the afternoon at his house in Tampa!

    As I get older I’m reminded that nothing lasts forever.


    With WLCM long gone (World’s Largest Cotton Mill) Lancaster has no local radio.

    It wouldn’t be the only town that size in the area in that situation. I don’t know whether WCRE is local radio for Bennettsville or for Chesterfield but it’s licensed to Cheraw.

    Technically, isn’t WRHM licensed to Lancaster? WVSZ is licensed to Chesterfield but if they just air WRHM’s programming I don’t know what that’s worth. Rock Hill already has WRHI.

    WDAR only airs talk shows that originate elsewhere. Other than that I don’t think Darlington has a station, because the two stations licensed to the town are in Florence.

    And there are other examples.

    Also, Concord only has an online radio station. WTIX is licensed to Concord but the owners gave up on having it air programming from studios there. Besides, it was simulcasting one of their Charlotte stations before and it’s doing that again, with a different station.


    WAGL was a class “D” AM. Couldn’t get 50kw clearance during critical hours. Also, WAGL never owned a Harris MW-50 nor did it ask for parts for a MW-50 from WBT. Not sure where TEST 123 gets his intel. WAGL was operating a Continental 317-c1 50kw transmitter on a 4-tower array. AM radio draws too much interference and not enough AM’s are broadcasting in stereo nor are MFG’s producing AM stereo receivers. For sure a solid state transmitter would cost less to operate; however, the reality of the situation is that this particular business model is getting tougher to make a profit at. AM/FM, it doesn’t matter. It will eventually become impossible to compete with internet radio being delivered at a much lower cost. Even CBS is selling off most if not all of its AM/FM holdings. CBS realizes the future is in Internet Broadband Delivery to many and multiple devices.
    The smartphone is the equivalent of the “1970’s trans radio”.


    I remember hearing the sign-off on YouTube saying it was “one of America’s most powerful radio stations.”  Imagine how far it would have carried if it was a 24/7 radio station(but they’d have to deal with 1560 in New York, the former WQXR).

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