Warner Brothers Records to move their offices from Burbank to Downtown L.A.

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    Warner Bros. Records Says Goodbye to Its Legendary Burbank ‘Ski Lodge’ Headquarters




    West COast staff members of Warner Music talk about their time in Burbank before the move to new offices in the Arts District to DTLA starts.




    Warner Music talks about their new West Coast offices in Downtown Los Angeles.


    “We said: ‘Hey, guys, why not the Arts District? Why not downtown?’” said Jonah Sonnenborn, head of real estate for Access Industries, the holding company controlled by billionaire investor Leonard Blavatnik that acquired Warner Music in 2011.

    Sonnenborn said he noticed similarities between the Arts District and reemerging neighborhoods of Manhattan, such as the Meatpacking District, where property values have shot up in recent decades. In choosing the Ford Factory, Warner Music passed on sites in Santa Monica, Hollywood and Playa Vista.
    “When you walk around the Arts District you get the same hip, cool vibe where people want to live, work and play,” he said. “Warner wanted to take a leadership position in this neighborhood.”

    Warner Music moved in as a tenant last month, and its parent company Access recently exercised its option to buy the Ford Factory and its new garage for $195 million, according to property experts who know about the sale.
    Sonnenborn wouldn’t discuss the price but confirmed that the New York company bought the former auto plant from San Francisco developer Shorenstein, which went all out renovating the old manufacturing plant.
    The complex is home to several labels: Warner Bros. Records, Warner/Chappell, Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, WEA, and ADA. Within the building they retain separate identities in offices designed by New York architecture firm Rockwell Group that showcase the history and styles of the different labels.
    Atlantic’s offices, for example, are perhaps the most elegant with subdued lighting and plush furniture. On a recent morning, the crescendo of the Spinners’ 1973 hit “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love” filled the room with crisp sound as visitors entered.
    The label offices surround Center Stage, a two-tier, 250-seat live performance space for showcasing company artists. There are soundproof “writers’ rooms” complete with guitars and pianos where artists can create music, as well as a commissary with Warner-blue chairs featuring the company logo, which was also recently painted on a large old water tower on the roof.




    An Update Warner Music Group is officially Renamed as Warner Records according to the press Release.’


    After 61 years, WARNER BROS. RECORDS has dropped the BROS. from its name and has rebranded as WARNER RECORDS. The change has been accompanied by a new logo, designed in partnership with EMILY OBERMAN and PENTAGRAM, including a circular icon the label likens to a record, a sun, and a globe, and follows the move of the label’s headquarters from BURBANK to downtown LOS ANGELES’ Arts District. WARNER MUSIC GROUP was granted the rights to use the WARNER BROS. name and shield logo for 15 years when it was sold by TIME WARNER in 2004.

    In a press statement, U.S. Co-Chairman/CEO AARON BAY-SCHUCK and U.S. Co-Chairman//COO TOM CORSON said, “For the first time in the label’s history, we’ve had the opportunity to create a distinct, modern identity entirely of our own. The timing couldn’t be better, since we all feel the label is at a moment of reinvention that builds on our legacy, while moving into a future driven by fearlessness and creativity. We have a growing roster of world-class artists, a rejuvenated team, and an incredible new location. It’s a new day for WARNER RECORDS, an iconic label that was born in the CALIFORNIA sun, and is at home everywhere on earth.”

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