Warner Wolf Sues WABC-AM and Cumulus over age discrimination

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    Cumulus Management and Don Imus are specifically named in the lawsuit. Wow it will be interesting how this lawsuit plays out though.

    For a retirement present, one New York broadcast legend has filed a lawsuit against another.

    Warner Wolf is taking Don Imus and three others to the New York State Supreme Court, alleging Wolf was let go from WABC’s “Imus in the Morning” show at the end of 2016 because of age discrimination and is owed severance, as well as damages for “severe mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation,” among other maladies.

    Imus is scheduled to retire from his show at the end of March. He regularly makes fun of everything and everybody.

    In the suit, Imus is the first one named as a defendant, along with WABC GM Chad Lopez, Cumulus senior VP Mike McVay and WABC program director Craig Schwalb. The claim was filed late Thursday morning, and a copy was obtained by The Post.

    Wolf’s lawyer, Douglas H. Wigdor, writes, “Imus routinely made inappropriate comments about the Plaintiff’s age, including stating that it was ‘time to put [Mr. Wolf] out to pasture’ and ‘shoot him with an elephant dart gun.’”

    In 2016, the suit says, Imus replaced Wolf, then 78, because of his age and hired Sid Rosenberg, who was 30 years younger. Wolf claims that Cumulus refused to honor severance for 26 weeks of pay, amounting to $97,500. There seems to be a disagreement between the two parties on whether a deal had been officially consummated.

    Both Imus and Wolf have had legendary broadcast careers. Wolf, 80, made his name in New York as a sports anchor for WCBS-TV with his trademark “Let’s go to the videotape” line that helped earn him prominence, including a role in “Rocky IV.” During a recent episode of the NBC hit “This Is Us,” they referenced Wolf’s signature videotape line.


    I used to like to watch Warner Wolf years ago on WCBSTV-2.  Here are some quotes:

    • Let’s go to the videotape
    • And Mr. G was at the game
    • You could have turned off your TV right there.

    Those were the days


    Wow. What originality in those quotes.



    Update Warner Wolf loses lawsuit.

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