WAVO asks for donations to maintain radio format

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    One year later, they have to do it again.

    This time the goal is $18,000. They’ll settle for what they got last year but they want to stream.

    That’s the only way most people will hear it at night, and it will mean anyone here can hear this great music.


    The goal was met, but not for streaming. $15,500 by the September 30 deadline. The music stays another year.

    And it’s a good thing, because the nearest station with a similar format, WSAT, is no longer doing the same music except on the morning show, when WAVO is doing a talk show.


    There were fund raisers after this one, but not one this year. This had me worried. And the reason was the station gave up. WAVO stayed with this music for 10 years, but the logical course of action was to have an outlet for WHVN’s programming in South Carolina. I just wish they had been able to do a stream or make the music available another way. It’s good enough for Sirius/XM, which doesn’t have anything comparable. If you are a subscriber, you have to jump around between about half a dozen channels to hear all the songs.

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