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    I grew up listening to, and later working at, WBGN-AM in Bowling Green. I’ve decided the WBGN story needs to be told. I’m still gathering some material, but I have a web site up so I can show potential interviewees what’s going on.

    I’m also in the testing stages of a stream that mimics some of the “music mix philosophy” of the station in it’s Top 40 heyday, the late 60s to early 70s, when it was staffed by college students from Western Kentucky University. There was a Top 40 rotation and a clock telling what category to play when. After that it was up to the DJs. I owe my knowledge of oldies before my time to WBGN’s “Memory Making Weekends”. I now have copies of all the WBGN jingles. I’m testing the processing and music rotation and I’m pretty happy with what I have now.



    I currently do mornings at WGGC and while I was down at CRS in Nashville I had the honor of meeting Scott Shannon who did a panel there. It was a very brief meeting but when I said I was in Bowling Green, Scott replied that he used to work at WBGN. How about that?


    Funny, I don’t remember Scott Shannon on WBGN. I thought I knew ( or knew of) everybody. Was that his name on BGN?

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