WCQR interfering with Star 104.3

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    When I was in Maggie Valley listening to the radio in my motel room, I kept hearing two stations at once. One of them was Star 104.3 in Asheville. At first the second station seemed to be disco from the 70s. Later I was hearing Contemporary Christian music, and I finally heard  a station ID, WCQR. That’s in the Johnson City market but it’s on 88.3.


    Don’t know what to tell you. They don’t seem to have a translator in the area.


    That’s weird because Star isn’t that far away.


    I never heard of any of these stations, and had to do some detective work because Star 104.3 WQNQ is actually licensed to Fletcher.    It’s 470 watts at 375 meters.

    The WCQR website shows this:

    “You can listen to your WCQR on your radio in the following communities”
    Tri-Cities – 88.3
    Greeneville – 93.7
    Wise, VA – 104.7
    Marion, VA – 96.1
    Surgoinsville – 104.3  <<<<<< WEYE 4.1 kilowatts at 121 meters

    You were closer to WQNQ, but with a band opening I would think WEYE which is 100 miles away could cause some issues.

    … tom



    Isn’t the real question here why anyone would be in Maggie Valley but sitting in a motel listening to radio?

    QuoteThat’s a strange question to ask on a site like this. Why wouldn’t someone who discusses radio enjoy seeing what stations he could pick up and what they were like? In the car would be better but certainly not while driving.


    It would be interesting to do that in a car. I probably do what a person is supposed to do on vacation most of the time. But that one chance to hear what’s going on is something I want to take advantage of.

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