WCWS 90.9 Wooster off-air. Now "IHeart Only"

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    Longtime College of Wooster FM, WCWS 90.9, has gone off the air in the last few days, now what is known as “Woo 91” is now heard only via the IHeart app..The College of Wooster trustees made the decision last fall to terminate the FM, though incredibly, no recent News stories have mentioned WCWS going dark..One result of WCWS going dark is that WJDD-FM Carrollton, the Hazen Ministries station, now gets out a bit further..


    I have read that quite a few smaller colleges in the USA are considering doing the same thing…shutting down their licensed, non-comm FMs.

    Reason given: lack of interest in the radio industry by students.

    Man, how times have changed in the past 10 years or so.


    Hopefully that will not happen here.  I listen to the local college stations quite a bit nowadays.


    Hopefully that will not happen here. I listen to the local college stations quite a bit nowadays.

    Even if the same thing happened, you’d still be able to listen. The College of Wooster kids will still get to do what they have always done. It’s simply the mode of delivery that has changed.
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