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    As mentioned on this website, WDCD-AM has surrendered its license. The FCC was unwilling to allow them to see if they could get the required coverage in the city of license, Albany with lower power than 50KW. Originally, as WPTR, it was a rock and roll powerhouse until FM came of it own. I would have to think that Boom Boom Brannigan who was with the station 16 years must be spinning in his grave.

    The property the 3 tower array, studios and transmitter sit on is probably worth more than the station. This is becoming all too common of an occurrence. It would not be economically  practical to develop a directional array to put 1540 back on the air. The only way to put the station back on the air would be to diplex or combine it to another existing directional array. It would have to be on an array south of Albany and beam north. Both WROW and WGDJ have such transmitting facilities if they would be willing to lease space. Both sites probably could provide the required coverage in Albany at 5 to 10 KW. One might also think about changing the COL, perhaps to Delmar or Cohoes, Albant already has plenty of licenses. It would be nice if Pamal would put 1540 back on the air, and use a satellite service like real country which they have on their lower Hudson valley stations, or bring back CBS sports radio, that would be a low cost way to go. WOPG 1460’s 3 tower array probably would not work as it may be too close in frequency (80Khz) away. A engineering   study would determine that. Then there is also WAIX 1160, Mechanicville that is off the air. That might be a good one to diplex with WOPG, there again, the COL might be changed. WOPG, a non- profit Catholic religious broadcaster might be willing to pick up some revenue from a co-locator. Mechanicville would still have a license with WTMM-FM.



    You can’t blame Crawford for ditching the setup. 50,000 watts to the East and it’s so directional it doesn’t cover the full Capitol Region to the West. Plus like all AMs it has inferior fidelity. Maybe one day someone will create, like they’ve done in places like San Francisco, a tribute station on the net.


    Thank goodness this station finally died. More of this needs to happen. There are too many AM stations (especially in the Capital District where there are so many FMs). Let the weak ones go and hope you are left with a couple of strong AMs in markets where they can survive.

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