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    When Direct TV made the decision to pull off The Weather Channel, I was glad they did it. Did get a bit depressed recently over the removal but now I’m getting over it again.

    What I see with Weathernation is the potential to become a top notched and quality based source for all things weather related. They may be new and just getting started but if they play their cards right and get things tinkered correctly, I see them becoming a great place to get ones weather fix from. This channel is beginning to grow on me some. I think I’m going to like it after all. I know they may seem a bit boring now but in time, their on air product will improve, if we give them time and they can gain a loyal following. The people who speak on there are very entertaining and tend to talk with a normal voice while they present the weather.

    The Weather Channel has become a big joke to me. The announcers are now very hyper and tend to scream out the info, they’re sharing. All the good talent has left the building. The people working for them now, talk real fast and sometimes you can’t even understand what they’re saying. When a bad storm comes through, they tend to overemphasize the dangers of it. It’s good to warn the people about it but gee whiz, must we make it sound like the world is fixing to come an end. This channel was once a kick tail source for all things weather related. Over the years, this program has gone downhill. Glad that Direct TV dropped them. It’s one channel, I can live without.

    For all my weather needs now, I’m going to watch Weathernation and give them a try. This new program is great and I’m learning to love it. Glad that Direct TV is airing this program. I may have expressed some sadness over the loss of The Weather Channel but after reading some other sites about the drop issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that Direct TV did the right thing, since The Weather Channel has big time strayed from their original intent.

    Dan <><

    P.S. Besides, most of these other sites have people praising Direct TV for dropping this channel. Some have people protesting the decision. I was a protester but not any longer.

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    Who owns The Weather Channel? Comcast. A cable company. They don’t like satellite TV. They kept their regional sports channel (CSN) off DirecTV until a court order forced them to make it available.
    They can’t refuse to offer The Weather Channel to DirecTV so they raise the price to where DirecTV is unwilling to pay.
    Problem solved. Or not. Now The Weather Channel has two competitors. Weather Nation, and Accuweather is getting into the mix with its own weather channel. Yes, The Weather Channel alienated a lot of people by switch from weather to movies and reality shows that may have something to do with weather. They have screwed themselves. Couldn’t happen to nicer people than the Roberts.
    Anybody notice how The Weather Channel stopped supporting 1-click Weather on browsers to “force” people to use their kludgy, ad-laden widget. Now, I have Accuweather on the bottom bar of my browser.

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    And they deem their movies and reality shows as a “public service”.

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    YES!! Tell your cable operators to replace Weather Channel with WeatherNation. Then, NBC can shut the doors for TWC – forever. They don’t deserve to be on the air – only if it’s 24/7 weather and “Storm Stories” as very occasional (maybe overnight) filler. I miss TWC of the 90s and early 00s – that was the real REALITY show “Today’s Weather” and “Evening Edition”!



    Dan, Jim Cantore is going to come to your house and crush you with his massive ego.

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    Jim Cantore will also knee you in the crotch..LOL

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    Personally, many of the meteorologists on the WX channel are very knowledgeable, especially during severe wx season. But seriously, do we need 12 different reality type shows during the day, when we should be hearing nothing but wx updates??
    Coast Guard this, storm stories that, prospectors this, ice truckers that….enough!

    I do enjoy watching Jim Cantore, Mike Sidell and company during severe weather season, they do have good chase videos.

    As for WX Nation, they are just beginning and they are featuring nothing but the weather, and frankly, that’s how it should be, WEATHER!!

    Remember MTV in 1983?? All music videos. MTV in 2014…everything BUT music. JUNK!

    I prefer WX Nation at this time, far more down to earth and broadcasting what they are supposed to…….the weather!

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