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    Yesterday they had the music I like when they had sports on “Weekend Edition”. Sometimes they’ve used different music, which has me concerned. I don’t want the familiar music to be replaced.

    And they even had Giles Snyder’s normal theme song. Okay, they don’t follow his headlines with that music every time, but it was nice to hear it.

    I don’t listen every week but if I do turn it on so the radio will be on when “Car Talk” starts, there are just some familiar features I always hope for.


    "Yesterday they had the music I like when they had sport on Weekend Edition . Sometimes they ve used different music, which has me concerned. I don t want the familiar music to be replaced."

    Change happens.

    As a kid I didn't want the early '90s saxophone version of "Changing Keys" from "Wheel of Fortune" to be replaced. Know what happened? It got replaced with that unrecognisable jazzy-sounding thing by the mid '90s. It happens. Despite this, life went on; I continued to fall asleep in classes, go through girlfriends like AA batteries and hold down crappy desk job after crappy desk job, like would have happened had King World not made the changes to "Wheel" that they did. Life goes on.

    If it really matters that much, maybe you could start a letter-writing campaign or petition PBS/NPR/PRI/whomever to keep it? In all likelihood they'll probably blow it off as the work of some OCD with way too much time on his hands, but at least you'll know down in your heart that you at least tried to make a difference. Or to keep things the same, as the case may be.

    Meanwhile, I'd wager that more than 99% of listeners probably wouldn't notice or care if they dropped it. Change happens.

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    They didn’t drop it, but it is something to look forward to.

    It has nothing to do with “time on my hands”. I always hope to hear that music if I happen to turn on NPR early.


    The music I like was on yesterday. It might have been other times too when I just didn’t hear it.

    Before Scott Simon did sports Saturday, he said the name of the person who did the theme music and said for those who like it, here it is. I assume he was referring to the whole show and not sports, because that wasn’t it. I do like him and he has a lot of entusiasm for sports.

    I understand Rachel Martin was missing for a while and wonder if that was related. they said she’d be back this week. Maybe she was but I never stopped to notice.


    I don’t listen to all of Weekend Edition and don’t hear sports every time it is on, but the music I like seems to be there every time lately.


    And it was on yesterday. It may not be every week but they’re not getting rid of it.

    Scott Simon has different music and he makes a point of mentioning who wrote it. But I’m usually on another station on Saturday.


    I hope they don’t change the music when Rachel Martin leaves.


    Same music yesterday, but I think the host was different.

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