were you watching something when the news broke?

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    I’m not old enough to remember the Kennedy shooting. One of my classmates said he did remember it.

    For Challenger, my mother was watching the local news at noon and she came in and told me. I still remember what the carpet in the house looked like then. It was changed a few months later but remembering that day brings it all back.

    This reminds me of Reagan’s shooting. I didn’t know until after I ate supper because I spent that afternoon doing homework in my dorm room.

    As for 9-11, I was listening to the radio. The last song was “Near You” by Roger Williams and the substitute DJ on ABC Stardust (whoever it was soon ended up as a regular on Unforgettable Favorites, but I can’t think of his name now) came on to let us know the plane crash was not an accident, since a second plane had hit the second tower. At the time, I pictured something like what happened to the Empire State Building in the 1940s. I arrived at the library shortly after that and got on the Internet to do what I normally did at the time and it was really, really slow. Another person kept giving us updates and people crowded around his computer. When he said The Pentagon was hit, someone said, “We’re at war.” I didn’t comprehend his statement that one of the towers collapsed. After all, it was over 100 stories tall. What I assumed was that the part above the crash had fallen in. I also didn’t understand the significance of only one tower burning in the video I saw.

    I went out and got my exercise as usual, but I had this feeling that we were going to be attacked where I was. Not that there was any reason to be afraid in this particular location. Everywhere I went where the radio would normally have been playing music, just news coverage. I turned on the radio on the way home, and it wasn’t on Stardust any more. It was the first time I knew the towers had fallen. I must have been the last person in the country to know this. Incidentally, Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”  aired as usual when I went out to my car at around 3. So I figured maybe things weren’t as bad as I had thought. No one else was at the library and I was reading newspapers as I normally did, except some funny Art Buchwald columns weren’t funny at that point.

    When I got home “The Drew Carey Show” was on as usual but the station, a WB affiliate, switched to CNN or one of those stations at 8 Eastern.



    Bill Recto

    Well the recent London attacks, Manchester attack and the Philippines attack all in May-June 2017. I first found those events out on apps like Sky News app, CBSN app and ABS-CBN online edition.


    Bill Recto





    Update CBSN is airing the mass shooting in Virginia where one of the mass shooting victims is a member of congress.

    In the UK Sky News is going wall to wall with the tower fire disaster in the UK. This is a case where two high profile breaking news stories are taking place at the same time. You have to switch feeds on your news apps.




    Bill Recto


    Wow now we have Sacramento Area station pre-empting both the Virginia Shooting, London TOwer Disaster and the San Francisco Mass shooting for a security issue at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA.


    Bill Recto




    Update if you were looking at the American News outlets like CBSN then The 2017 Virginia Riots was a big story. However if you were watching BBC News and AL Jazeera news then the 2017 Kenyan election riots would have been your top story due to UN involvement.


    daniel anderson

    San Francisco 1989 earthquake – I was watching local WEWS for the World Series game with Al Michaels and Tim McCarver discussing the upcoming game when the video feed was lost and they came back with audio only and the rest is history. Needless to say that game didn’t proceed that day and it was all earthquake coverage from that point on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUKNvoAAa8s

    I remember watching that too. Ted Koppel gave the first special report about 20 minutes after the earthquake happened on ABC.  Al Michaels though, schooled Koppel because Al was from the Bay Area himself.
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