What are your buttons?

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    I recently changed some of mine. My car has six AM buttons and two sets of FM buttons. These are in order by frequency.


    550–WAME classic country at home and on way to mountains, WIOZ standards on the way to the beach
    1010–WSPC Rush Limbaugh at home, WKJW conservative Christian in the mountains
    1150–WAVO standards near Charlotte, WBAG oldies near Greensboro
    1280–WSAT oldies/classic hits (used to be standards) at home
    1440–WLXN classic hits near Greensboro, press left button for 1430 WMNC classic country in mountains
    1580–WZKY oldies at home


    88.5–WFDD NPR
    90.7–WFAE NPR, press right button for 90.9 WLGI smooth jazz at beach, if right time of day
    91.1–WYFG BBN (conservative Christian) in mountains, WEBK oldies on way to beach
    92.5–WESC classic-leaning country in mountains
    93.5–WYFQ BBN at home
    94.5–WPTI Rush Limbaugh in Greensboro
    94.9–WVCO oldies at beach
    95.3–WFRK Rush Limbaugh on way to beach, former home of WCQS NPR in mountains
    98.1–WBRF classic country in Greensboro
    99.5–WMAG Christmas music in December in Greensboro, WRNN-FM Rush Limbaugh at beach
    103.1–WLHC soft oldies near home and near Greensboro, press left for WCQS NPR in mountains
    104.7–WKQC Christmas music in December at home
    105.9–WEZV soft AC at beach (used to be standards/easy listening)



    580 – WILL Urbana (NPR)

    720 – WGN Chicago (Trivia)

    740 – CFZM Toronto  (Nostalgia)

    1050 – WLIP Kenosha (Standards)

    Part 15 AM (Classical)


    90.5 – WNIU DeKalb (Classical)

    90.7 – WAUS Berrien Springs (Classical)

    98.7 – WFMT Chicago (Classical)



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