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    I know. This will only show that radio doesn’t care about the music I want. But someone just told me how to link to individual posts on another site I go to. I probably did this here but I can’t find it now.

    http://displacedcwloungefan.proboards.com/post/3393 (not AC by any stretch of the imagination, but oh, well)
    http://displacedcwloungefan.proboards.com/post/3397 and http://displacedcwloungefan.proboards.com/post/8378 (some of these country songs are crossover hits and those are the ones I’m referring to)
    http://displacedcwloungefan.proboards.com/post/9173 and http://displacedcwloungefan.proboards.com/post/11110 (now this is what soft AC and oldies used to be)

    On another site I used to go the length of posts was limited so I used several different names. I wanted to look more conservative than I was, and then these other two guys actually liked AC and oldies. “We” used to insult each other. And a third guy liked country that wasn’t as country as what I liked.



    Fred Wesley Fans Can’t Stop Listening To Geoff Alperts New Album Open Your Heart.

    Fred Wesley is known for is his funky take on smooth jazz music, which inspired our own Geoff Alpert’s musical tone for his latest album Open Your Heart. He takes smooth jazz and adds a little trombone to really make this album his own. With this true talent sprinkled throughout the album Open Your Heart will easily become your new obsession.  “Open Your Heart” has an emotional intention behind it that is rarely present in music these days.  Geoff Alpert found his way back to music after the passing of his wife in 2002.  He took this loss and turned it into motivation to create a smooth jazz album that exudes positivity and good intentions.  Alpert attributes much of who he is to his extensive study of the martial art Ken-Ka-Kung Fu.


    Although the album is rooted in smooth jazz, Alpert utilizes many different styles, which results in a dynamic and engaging musical fusion.  The album is accessible to many and will appeal to those who love smooth jazz as well as those who love funk, pop and many other styles.  The album features the solo trombone, which is also a refreshing change from the more conventional solo instruments of smooth jazz.

    If you haven’t yet, you can listen to the album on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.


    Be sure to keep up with Geoff on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and his official website http://www.GeoffAlpert.com for any updates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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