What's Jamming Yankee Games?

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    Thanks audioguy, man, none of this was an issue for me back at the old place, so this has all been a lesson and a revelation. One time when we can all make a connection across the country, and it has to be interfering with each other’s radio signals!

    I did subscribe to MLB, and it’s great, the only weird thing is the sort of steel-cage death match that goes on between the Yanks’ commercials and what I’m guessing are national MLB Network commercials, they cut each other off, overlap, sometimes, you think Cellino & Barnes, injury attorneys, are removing stubborn blackheads from their noses with Biore strips, but it’s such a pleasure to listen to the game without all that interference and then the eventual loss. Next week they’re on the coast, and you know I wasn’t going to get any game that begins at 10:30 local, even if I stood on the roof with a coat hanger in my hand. Thank all of you so much for all your help!


    Dear Annamaria,

    If you’re listening on 660 AM and the interference comes on after dark, I am almost 100% certain that it is due to the IBOC sidebands…

    The other thing you could do, and I would certainly encourage this, is to write a letter to CBS in New York and Chicago

    Good grief! It could have NOTHING to do with IBOC. Do we know where she is located? Could just be she is in a place where the signal is much weaker at night. Could be that her downstairs outside light/dimmer/whatever/computer comes on every night causing problems.

    Encouraging people to write to CBS headquarters and “beg” is just silly.

    Odd that you should go directly to IBOC without any insight into the zillions of other things that could be causing her problems.

    Why do you suppose the majority of stations that initially tried it have shut it off? It was mainly for this reason, although a secondary reason was self-interference to the host station, resulting in listener complaints about the noise (as I mentioned).

    Most? A few have shut down IBOC…but it eems like most of the larger companies and the largest stations are still using it.

    Good grief! It could have NOTHING to do with IBOC. Do we know where she is located? Could just be she is in a place where the signal is much weaker at night. Could be that her downstairs outside light/dimmer/whatever/computer comes on every night causing problems.
    OMG, you mean if, hypothetically, cough, I had a double driveway light that comes on automatically at sundown and gets brighter if something, like a car, pulls into the driveway, and that light happens to be basically down below the two rooms in which I listen to Yankee games and possibly on the same circuit if I lived in a split-level home??? Sheesh! The former owners had that going and I just left it, because there aren’t any streetlights here and it is REALLY dark at night, which is beautiful, but hazardous, so I leave them on, not just for me, but for anyone driving, it’s usually the only light for some distance. Of all things…I’ve had radios go a little wonky by turning on a hair dryer or a certain light or something over the years, but nothing like the demon noise that comes out of the radio. Wow.
              I tried to find the message board discussion (not this one) where the people talked about losing WGNY at sunset and couldn’t find          it, but I did find another piece from about two years ago saying that WGNY actually powered down at sunset — give me a break!         But that’s in Newburgh, so it shouldn’t have been a problem for me, as it was a huge problem for others north of here and west of the     river.
    I don’t want you guys fighting with each other over this, I didn’t mean to start anything, but I think one thing we can and should all agree on is that Yankee ownership deserve a good kick, if they spent the little bit of time and intelligence it would take to ensure that fans in New York State and the NY Metro area received a good, strong, steady signal for their games instead of trying to figure out how to sell someone a $75 steak as a distraction from actually WATCHING THE GAME at the stadium, things would have worked out a whole lot better for a whole lot more people!!


    I live in Hyde Park and have no problem receiving 660 WFAN with no bothersome interference other than  is normal for AM. Perhaps the source for your noise rendering the station unlistenable after dark is something local. With AM it could be many things.


    Warren, you’re only about 50 miles away. Skywave IBOC interference normally starts to show up when you get toward the edge of the primary groundwave coverage of the station. Typically this would be at 75-100 miles for a 50 kW station at night, but of course it can vary due to a number of factors including antenna pattern and ground conductivity.


    Actually I am about 80 miles from NYC . What confused me is the OP says he is listening in Beacon, which is at least 20 miles closer. I would think he could get WFAN-FM there.


    “Could be that her downstairs outside light/dimmer/whatever/computer comes on every night causing problems.”

    OldNewsGuy, I realize a virtual beer is not worth having, but it’s the best I can do —  here’s to you! I shut off the security lights in the driveway last night, put the game on the radio at TEN O’CLOCK, gasp, and that ball of demon noise was gone. As I said, in the past, the radio would get a buzz in it when I used a hair dryer or vacuum, but never anything like this noise, and certainly not from a light turning on. Thank you so much.

    Warren, I’m, like, a girl! Woman, actually…you guys have to get over thinking that only other guys love sports, to the point where your brain doesn’t even register that someone’s name is annamaria!! Yes, I am in Beacon but I am at the foot of a mountain, my street dead ends into a trail, and that, I believe, affects the signal, if I were closer to the river, I think it would be a lot clearer. It is not great now, but listenable, but I’m still very glad I have the MLB thing, because a wind or T-storm within 20 miles even screwed up my reception when I was close to the Empire State Building, never mind here.

    Here’s another thing that made me think the demon noise was interference-I usually listen to QXR on I Heart Radio, but locally, I listen to the NPR Jazz and Classical stations. Last summer, before I had I Heart Radio, I would put on the classical station on a timer at bed time, but around 11:30 or 12, the signal started to fade, got lower and lower and overrun by interference, and then, and the first time this happened, it was a trip, a man’s voice as clear as a bell said a string of numbers and then dot, but he pronounce dot like “dawt.” It just went on and on until I got creeped out enough to shut it down. Eventually, I stopped tuning in. I still do some nights now because I like the station, and haven’t heard it since last summer. I thought it was some kind of ham radio operator or something, and that someone in the neighborhood was interfering with the signal. Goes without saying, you all would know that better than I would!

    Again, I thank you all for being such a tremendous help.


    What confused me is the OP says he is listening in Beacon, which is at least 20 miles closer. I would think he could get WFAN-FM there.

    The protected contour for 101.9 extends as far north as West Point and Mahopac. Beacon is about 10 miles north of West Point.


    I apologize Annamaria for assuming you were a male. Honestly, I did not really notice your name. My fault.
    I am happy to hear your problem was solved. It does not take much these days to interfere with AM radio.


    I believe WGNY-AM still carries the Yankees . They recently moved their 97.3 Poughkeepsie translator to 105.3 Newburgh. I don’t know how the mountain affects that signal at your home, but perhaps you can try it.
    105.3 is rather limited in coverage. Since the Hudson Valley is translator heavy in Hyde Park I get another 105.3 repeater,out of Rhinebeck.


    It’s night time electrical interference.  A photocell operated LED or transformer based light coming on at night causing major noise on your AM band. It happens everywhere. Requires a little of troubleshooting to figure out, and sometimes you can’t do anything about it, if it’s coming from a neighbor’s house.

    It’s not night side IBOC, not even slightly.


    As I stated earlier, it is difficult to say what originally caused the reported problem without taking measurements. However, if you observe a station that is transmitting in HD on an SDR, you can clearly see how the first adjacent channels are annihilated by IBOC sidebands, and those sidebands propagate strongly via skywave. There is nothing to be gained by arguing about it. Get a spectrum analyzer or observe an HD AM station on an SDR and draw your own conclusions. For the record, WFAN has not recently been transmitting in HD, but WSCR is. Thank you.


    I’m going to bump this thread, because it’s going to be a year old. I heard it on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” today during the “Top 5 Drive at 5” feature that they did a promo for Mets baseball. That’s great news! Now that WINU flipped to alternate music from sports when it was “Win 104.9” and became “Alt 104.9”, “Magic” is carrying New York Mets baseball, just like WGNY did with Yankees baseball. I just want to point that out that I’m not a Met fan, I’m still a Yankee fan for life. I hope WGNY-FM will start carrying Yankees baseball on 98.9 and online at wgnyfm.com when the regular season starts.

    The first two years on WGNY carried the Yankee games are not that good here in Kingston, I want the Yankees to be on 98.9.

    As for WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, good luck with the Mets, and let’s hope the Mets will carry it. I hope the Mets will play against the Yankees in the Subway Series later this season.


    Why is it whenever I read this board, I need an Anacin afterward…ugh.


    According to the Fox Oldies Facebook page, this is what they had to say.

    That means I can’t get Yankee games here, because it’s too far away. But thankfully, WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” is now carrying the Mets along with the play-by-play online. Too bad, you can’t get the Yankees on stream, because of MLB’s restrictions. I will listen to it via GlobalTuners located by this link:


    And you can listen to the Mets on “Magic 590/100.5” at:


    Now you can listen to these two teams on different places. If you can’t get the Yankees, you can listen to the Mets on “Magic 590/100.5”.

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