What's Jamming Yankee Games?

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    I’ve enjoyed MLB At Bat for the last few years. For the reasonable rate of $116 a season you CAN get every team’s radio broadcast including the Mets and Yankees.


    I’ve enjoyed MLB At Bat for the last few years. For the reasonable rate of $116 a season you CAN get every team’s radio broadcast including the Mets and Yankees.

    I agree with you. $116 for a regular season is too much. You can go to the MLB site and on the MLB app, you can get Gameday Audio for $19 per regular season. You can listen to the Yankees Andy Mets via Gameday Audio.

    If you can’t get Gameday Audio, you can hear the amazing Mets on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” and online where you can hear the play-by-play, or you can try Global Tuners to hear the Yankees play-by-play online.


    I should have made it clear. The $116 includes all TV broadcasts. The $19 per season for Gameday Audio is very reasonable.

    With all the rain in NYC there may be no Met or Yankee games to listen to for awhile anyway.


    And speaking of the Mets being carried on “Magic” Freddy, I heard that the Amazing Mets are now being heard in the Hudson Valley on WBWZ’s “Z93”, and it is on FM since late April. You can listen to the game on these two stations.

    I guess iHeart HV does a great job bringing the Mets to FM, because WKIP has been a Mets station since 2016. I hope this will compete with the Yankees on WGNY on both 1220 and 105.3, and not on 98.9, and I hope the Mets will do better on FM to beat the Yankees out of the water.

    Now we got two stations that are carrying the Mets. One is WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” as an oldies station, and WBWZ’s “Z93” in the Hudson Valley as a rock station. You have a chance to hear the difference.

    This announcement came from “Z93’s” Facebook page back in April, and they mentioned that they’re going to expand it’s coverage on all iHeart HV stations to carry the Mets. More on that soon.


    After coming home from the basketball game, I listened to the Mets where they are still carrying on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” and they’re playing against my favorite team, the New York Yankees. This is the first of three games in the “Subway Series”. If I can go for the Yanks, I do, if they I can’t go for the Mets, I can’t.

    This is a pretty good move. Over in the HV, WBWZ’s “Z93” now carries the Mets, the same team that WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” are still carrying, and I’m listening it via TuneIn, and this is the only station that carries the Mets via stream on “Magic”, but the other iHeart stations doesn’t carried it via web stream, including “Z93”, and as for the Yankees itself, it’s on WGNY-AM which is only on 1220 AM and it doesn’t reach Kingston at night, so I rather listen to the Yanks on GlobalTuners website.

    I’m recording the “Subway Series” now where the Mets Vs. the Yankees on “Magic 590/100.5” and I will be posting airchecks the entire games later this week.


    Annamaria and others, Gameday Audio is the best. You can get accurate play by play of Yankee games by tuning in the other teams broadcasters.


    Annamaria and others, Gameday Audio is the best. You can get accurate play by play of Yankee games by tuning in the other teams broadcasters.

    We’ve already mentioned before. And speaking of which, I going to present to you, airchecks of the entire “Subway Series” game where the New York Yankees Vs. the New York Mets. This was recorded off of WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” from Friday night, and this was the first game in the 3-game series. The Yankees won the game in the first of three series.

    And I was saying, “Magic 590/100.5” in Albany is still carrying Mets baseball, and so does WBWZ’s “Z93” in the Hudson Valley, and this was taken directly from the TuneIn app and it’s the only app that carries that Mets on “Magic” via stream, except many of the iHeart stations like “Z93” and WOR that are carrying the Mets broadcast has been blacked out by regular programming, and “Magic” is the only station that carries the Mets via stream, same as with Gameday Audio with a $19 per regular season when you go to the MLB site as “Annamaria” as mentioned that he (or she) can’t get the Yankees on WGNY on both 1220 AM and 105.3 FM, and not on 98.9 which was a bad move. I remember the Yankees when it was carried on 94.3 years ago, and it was good, but thankfully, the move was a disaster, but I can get the Yankees on GlobalTuners.

    Enough said, here is the first game in 4 parts:

    Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cfAn0ItjHYkTcKkSGEzbmgoWltS5-JCT
    Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dQHcByJ0uLdf2e548LuzmAjaAl5BWy-y
    Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZJX-4TNMM2G6VxYNO6CC-9KmP8QgCxxx
    Part 4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D2TKl_HzQZk0KxDhuu3GfTeqgf85ze3X

    I will post the 2nd game of the “Subway Series” later this week.


    Next up, it’s game 2 of the “Subway Series” where the Yankees played against the Mets, and guess what, the Yanks won again. Check it out!

    BTW, this was recorded off of WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, the new home of the Amazing Mets, and it was taken directly off of TuneIn app.

    Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15zar0EBjiakIoi6Gkkj0NqrXR6PCrOAp
    Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vYa6TqZb9jQCeK4T5J8XY3Rz5ZHknfiC
    Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ThJ1m5iLz4UobIx1GviBlH12i-IYELdH
    Part 4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VdgA1W69RvQB-AZzVex3mOLiS0kEfqLs


    And finally, to round out the airchecks, it’s game 3 of the “Subway Series” where the Yankees played against the Mets for their final showdown, and guess what! The Yankees lost, and that’s two wins out of three, and the Mets have won. This was recorded off of WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” from last weekend. Here you go!

    Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jt3ygt34w7n7T2W8aAUsVKp-9mwTRDrK
    Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tk6Qxeoy0N8d1yjQgRFazRfdkkoz1ftC
    Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZvcU-BwOo3jGuOCE_N-FFI568wXyUDZL

    And there you have it! All three of these airchecks from the Subway Series where the Yankees played again the Mets as heard on “Magic 590/100.5”.

    I hope “Annamaria”, Warren Hodges Jr., Freddy Freihofer, AMonFM, “Beavis”, and many more will be proud. If you enjoy these three games of the “Subway Series”, tell us what you think?


    And just a reminder, I heard the news that the “Subway Series” is back for the second time this year where the Yankees are playing against the Amazing Mets, and it’s going to be at Yankee Stadium tomorrow night.

    I did posted the first three games from June when it’s being carried on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, I will be recording the next three games of the “Subway Series” tomorrow all the way through Sunday on “Magic 590/100.5”.

    I hope anyone is listening right now if you can’t get the Yankees on both 1220 AM and 105.3 FM, you can listen to it on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” via TuneIn app.

    But aside from that, the “Magic 590/100.5” stream is down if you have 3G or LTE, except it works on wi-fi only. What a bummer! I can’t listen to Kevin Richards “Classic Country Hall of Fame” while I’m out as well as the 1 PM hour. That sucks when you’re on LTE cellular signal. Wi-fi works fine. I hope “Magic” need some to be fixed.


    I did recorded the first two games of the second half of the Subway Series this past weekend where the Yankees played against the Mets where it was heard on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” I missed the first hour of the game since I was out, so I ended up recording it where it starts off right in the 2nd or into the 3rd inning. The Yanks lost in the first half of the game.

    The second game that I recorded was on a Saturday afternoon, and then right into the 1st or 2nd inning, the stream was cut out due to some issues with the internet stream. After nearly close to an hour or 45 minutes, the stream came back, and I missed a few innings, but it jumped right into the 6th inning, and then, the Yanks won the second game, and this is what’s I have here is a portion of the second game of the Subway Series.

    And when I was recorded the third and final game of the Subway series for the second time, it got rained out. All I have recorded is the pre-game where it goes into the game, and then, it rained and rained all night and the Yankees abruptly ended due to heavy rain and downpours.

    It wasn’t a great for Yankee fans. I stopped recording at around 8 PM where it goes back to Cool Bobby B’s “Doo-Wop Stop” on “Magic 590/100.5”.

    What a disappointed game last night as the Yankees and Mets can’t play due to poor weather, so I looked up that the Yankees and Mets are going to reschedule for Monday August 13th which will be a rematch to close out the Subway Series for this year.

    I will be posting these first two games later this week. So stay tuned!


    Well, if case you missed it last week, I got an aircheck for you! This is just a portion of game 1 of the second half of the Subway Series where the Yankees played against the Amazing Mets as heard on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5”, and it came from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

    This is all I have for now, but I missed the pre-game while I was out having a pizza, and I missed the first 2 innings of the game, I just want to throw in just a portion of the actual game. It was at the bottom of the 2nd inning, the Mets scored 3 runs which makes the score of 3-0, and the Yanks are going to score.

    After the Mets scored 7 runs, the Yankees lost in the first of the second half of the “Subway Series”. The final score was the Mets 7, and the Yankees 5. Sadly, the aircheck has abuptly ended due to streaming issues.

    I hope you will enjoy game 1 of the second half of the “Subway Series” with the Yankees and the Mets’.

    If you are a Yankee fan, including Freddy, Annamaria, and many others, this is for you!

    Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cs6Mv8xXFY5BSagNH-jfAMXsKx8Ligsp
    Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Kd1Z2zfss9fP9SYZ4zHtAC7OKKHNtiau
    Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PIOR3ZbrZgH2jGSBEIdEoFPw3qlDSJWC

    I will be posting game 2 next time.


    Here is game 2 of the second half of the Subway where the Yankees played against the Mets at Yankee Stadium from the following day, 7/21/18, and it was an afternoon game if you are interested.

    It starts well, but the stream cut off for nearly about an hour due to internet outage, but when it came back on, it’s in the 8th inning. I missed the next two innings like the 6th and 7th innings, so I have to edited that piece out.

    After that, the Yankees won the second game of the “Subway Series”. This was recorded off of WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” in Albany. Let’s enjoy them all if you are a true Yankee fan.

    I’ll do game 3 later on.

    Part 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WSXwp1lYkj4J44Y66MlYhnD6QcVRqt5a
    Part 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yEwQnD8rWOpMZwILRU2ajxZRPQUXwq_I
    Part 3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13uvoRFVOtpYJxrhAsYCdVnPxdKQz4xLq


    Here is game 3 of the “Subway Series” as it was heard on WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” in Albany from 7/23/18 where the Yankees was originally playing against the Amazing Mets for the final game of the “Subway Series” at Yankee Stadium.

    This aircheck is incredibly short, because it has just the pregame and that’s it! Originally, the Yankees was scheduled to play against the Mets, but it never happened. The weather was bad, and the rain was pouring down the field where it forced the Yankees to delayed the game, but when I looked up on the Yankee scoreboard, it was postponed due to heavy rain, but it got rescheduled for Monday August 13th. What a way to cancelled the game which is very disappointed.

    After the game ended, it goes back to Cool Bobby B’s “Doo-Wop Stop” afterwards, and then a half hour later, it never came back.

    Let’s hope I can save the date, August 13th, the Yankees Vs. the Mets in game 3 of the “Subway Series”. Let’s enjoy the rest if you want to.



    For those of you have not heard that 2 nights ago, the Yankees played against the Mets as part of the “Subway Series” finale at Yankee Stadium since it was rescheduled due to heavy rain which cause the game cancelled a few weeks ago. The Yankees lost once again Mets beat them 7-5.

    I did recorded the entire game off of WROW’s “Magic 590/100.5” which is now the flagship of the Amazing Mets. I will be posting an aircheck later this week which is the “Subway Series” finale for the 2nd time due to bad weather from the last 2 or 3 weeks. So stay tuned.

    After if it’s done, I will put them in archive form to relive the “Subway Series” once again.

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