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    freddy freihofer

    It’s the best radio move the Mets could make. WOR carried right wing programming. The Mets need to appeal to all political leanings.



    The rights went to the highest bidder. It was not a philosophical decision and perceived “political leanings” did not likely enter into the discussion.

    I’m also willing to bet that the list of potential suitors for the broadcast rights was not very long.


    freddy freihofer

    The Mets were lucky as I agree there’s not too much demand for their rights. It’s just nice that Liberals can tune into the Mets flagship anytime 24/7 from now on without dodging certain programs. Newsradio 88 is a station on the way up with new theme music and logo.


    Nathan Obral

    The Cincinnati Reds have been on 700 WLW since the Nixon Administration. The Cleveland Indians have been on WTAM 1100** since 1998. Thing is, WTAM and WLW get ratings for their conservative talk (WLW is usually a market leader), while WOR most certainly doesn’t.

    It’s all about the return on investment. If there was honestly a legit ROI for WOR to carry the Mets, iHeart would have bent over backwards to retain the rights. But there wasn’t, so they didn’t. Entercom thus obtained the Mets rights almost entirely through inertia.

    **Since 2013, shared flagship rights with active rock/hot talk 100.7 WMMS. But I digress.

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Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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